YPF to upload 22 teams in Santa Cruz to reactivate production

The company reported that the decision to upload the equipment was made after an agreement signed with the Santa Cruz Oil and Gas Union

The oil company YPF It will incorporate 22 equipment into its operations in Santa Cruz that will allow it to gradually resume activity in the fields that it operates in that province..

The company reported that the decision to upload the equipment was made after an agreement signed by the secretary general of the Santa Cruz Private Oil and Gas Union, Claudio Vidal, and the YPF vice president of Conventional, Gustavo Astie.

In this way, “progress was made in an understanding that aims to recover activity in the province, preserving jobs in a very complex context for the industry,” said the oil company.

The news comes a few days after the hydrocarbon company CGC announced that it is operating again in the Santa Cruz area, with the restart of drilling in Campo Indio, El Cerrito, an area that has gas reserves.

YPF aims to achieve optimization and sustainability both in its operations and in the activity it will carry out, this agreement being “vital to achieve it” in the province of Santa Cruz.

At the same time, YPF promised to reactivate its environmental remediation works in the remainder of 2020.

In Santa Cruz the company has already installed two tertiary recovery plants with good results that allow the possibility of planning the installation of additional plants and improve the province’s production horizon.

YPF highlighted “the optimism, importance and relevance that this agreement produces for the industry in view of the difficult situation that the sector is going through, which has as its north to begin to outline the foundations from which to reactivate the activity in an optimal and sustainable way

The oil company confirmed last week to the governments of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego that it will have an operating base in each of those provinces, through their respective managers, as part of the new hydrocarbon production structure.

With this new work scheme, a more efficient, flexible and decentralized organization is sought to link production volumes with each province of the San Jorge Gulf basin.

In this way, the management of Chubut will continue operating in the emblematic building of Comodoro Rivadavia, but the Las Heras offices will be added for the new management of Santa Cruz, and in Río Grande, that of Tierra del Fuego.

It will also allow the manager of the Regional South and its first line to have a greater physical presence in Santa Cruz, supporting the new management of that business that has been postponed in recent years.

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