You can go out 1 hour a day and with boys: what to consider

“You can go 500 meters outside the house for recreational purposes,” said the head of state, extending the quarantine at least until May 10.

President Alberto Fernández this Saturday that “adults, adolescents and children can be allowed to leave a house within a radius of up to 500 meters daily”, within the framework of the mandatory quarantine.

“We are going to authorize that daily you can go out in a radius of up to 500 meters for leisure purposes. It does not imply running, cycling or physical activity,” explained the President, clarifying that it is for “going for a walk and airing a little”.

About the children, he said: “They can go out accompanied by their parents, but all an hour daily and within a radius of 500 meters from their home.”

Referring to the administration of isolation, Fernández recalled that the risk groups are:

-Over 60 years
-People with risk factors.

The President explained that “conglomerates of more than 500,000 inhabitants remain in quarantine as until today”, and it will be the cities with the least population that are enabled for exceptions and opening of new activities.

“In a conglomerate of more than 500,000 inhabitants they follow the rules as before: the City, Greater Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Córdoba, Resistencia, Tucumán,” said Fernández.

And he added: “Those with less than 500,000 inhabitants can begin to be excepted.”

President Alberto Fernández reiterated that the country “is still far” from emerging from the pandemic, but rescued the effort of the population within the framework of the mandatory quarantine that began on March 20 and will now run until May 10.

We are working on all planes. As we meet objectives, the quarantine is changing, “said the head of state in a recorded message in the Quinta de Olivos, where journalists were not allowed to enter.

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