X-ray of the isolation: how many Cordovan workers does it affect

The economy of the province of Córdoba is formed by a wide variety of productive activities in agriculture, industry, construction, commerce and services.

A large part of them was affected by social and compulsory isolation measures due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

In the private sector registered in the province there are 502 thousand employees for which companies and institutions make contributions to the Integrated Argentine Social Security System (Sipa), which is collected by Anses.


In total, this segment of productive activity “blank” moves a salary mass of 23,593 million pesos per month.

They are salaries that can be affected by difficulties to pay that companies have, both for being closed and for difficulties in the payment chain.

The figure is estimated based on the official information from Sipa for the second quarter of 2019 and the average gross remuneration by activity for September 2019, the latest disaggregated data published by the Provincial Statistics and Census Directorate.

For the calculation, an inter-annual drop of 3.9 percent was taken from formal employment (according to the January survey of the Ministry of Labor) and a wage increase of 17.5 percent (variation between September and January 2020, of workers private employees registered according to the Index of Wages of the Indec).

Impact by item

Within the broad universe of items, the most affected are those who have their doors closed and are not working.

This involves almost half of formal private workers. There are 235 thousand Cordoba, with an average salary of 46,340 pesos, which means monthly income of 11 billion pesos.

This is the amount of money that could be compromised if companies stop paying these wages.

This group includes:

Mining and quarrying. It involves 1,750 employees who receive 51,566 pesos per month.

Industries except those related to food, computing and medicine. There are 60,900 workers affected, with an average gross salary of 58,746 pesos. Part of them would resume the activity these days, although not in its entirety: wood (1,040), machinery and equipment (9,500), furniture (3,300), motor vehicles (14,050).

Building. There are about 33 thousand formal employees, with an average salary of 35,522 pesos.

Wholesale and retail trade, service stations and vehicle repair. They total 101,350 people. It was estimated that 70 percent is inactive, there are 71 thousand, who earn 44,700 gross pesos per month.

Hospitality and restaurants. Some 19,102 people were working in the sector with average salaries of 23,100 pesos.

Transportation, loading and storage. If 70 percent of inactivity is computed, it involves 221,326 Cordoba citizens, with salaries of 54,220 pesos per month.

Real estate, business and rental services. Without computing, nor the legal, accounting and other business services, which can continue to be carried out remotely, there are 6,190 workers affected, with an average remuneration of 43,733 pesos.

Community, social and personal services. The elimination of waste is maintained and 70 percent of the services of business organizations are considered inactive; and all of the cultural, sporting and leisure activities and others. They are impacted 10,600 people who receive 46,192 pesos per month.

They keep working

In this list, the activities considered essential are left out. However, as the economy deteriorates, problems may arise in the payment chain that make all or part of these wages unpayable.

Agriculture, livestock, hunting and fishing. There are 29,400 registered workers in Córdoba, with average wages of 36,835 pesos.

Food and medical instrument industries. There are 36,880 employees in the food item who earn 60,467 pesos per month. In the medical sector, 1,295 work with a similar salary.

Electricity, gas and water. There are 7,408 employees in the province, with an average remuneration of 108,553 pesos.

Financial services (includes insurance). In Córdoba 8,342 people work with a salary of 84,348 pesos (more than 100,000 a month for the financial intermediation item).

Education. It includes 43,600 private workers who receive 34,248 pesos per month.

Health. It covers 25,940 dependents with a salary of 48,763 pesos.

Legal, accounting and other business services. The 52 thousand registered employees receive an average of 32,800 pesos.

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