would not reach companies

The initiative will ultimately not tax companies, but only people with assets of more than 3 million dollars

The project to create a tax on “great fortunes” is ready. Máximo Kirchner’s initiative, designed by his partner Carlos Heller, Finally, it will not tax companies, but only people with assets of more than 3 million dollars..

However, the Front of All delays its sending to Congress as they await the resolution of the Supreme Court on the “legitimacy” of the laws approved virtually and that there is agreement between the blocks to meet before presenting it.

“Companies not yet. The project is limited to people who have declared assets for values, in pesos, greater than 3 million dollars. Calculated at the official dollar,” confirmed the president of the Budget commission, Carlos Heller, to Clarín. and confirmed that although the text “is done” it will not present it yet.

“There is no rush because there is no agreement to meet nor was it defined by what means. If the electronic were legitimized, it would also have to be tested first. With which I imagine that, hopefully, in a few weeks we will be presenting it, “he said.

The president of the highest court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, authorized the judicial fair set up by the coronavirus to deal with Cristina’s claim and he was seen by the attorney general, Eduardo Casal, but the Court does not have a deadline to resolve it.

At the same time, from the presidency of the lower house they point out that a session is not planned exclusively to deal with the “tax on great fortunes” since there are other projects in which the oficialismo is working.

Among them are the elimination of income tax on essential services personnel, such as doctors; a credit expansion system for SMEs; an extraordinary regime of tax to speculative capitals.

The tax on large fortunes will be extraordinary – for the only time -, it will affect 12 thousand people and they estimate that it would mean a collection of more than 3 billion dollars for the country.

There will be ranges of amounts and the rates will be from 2% to 3.5%. That last figure will be exclusively for sums greater than 100 million.

“It will be done on what each one declared in December 2019. Be it material goods or financial assets. It must be taken into account that they are talking about tax values. The tax value of a house today, for example, is 10% of its commercial value, “said legislator Itaí Hagman, adding:” The objective is that the State and the wealthiest sectors help cushion those who are sinking. “

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