With works made of toilet paper and chinstraps, they created the first museum dedicated to the coronavirus

Thousands of artists set out to portray the situation that is being lived around the world by the coronavirus pandemic. His works circulated on social networks until three friends from Barcelona thought of gathering them in the same space and They created the first art museum inspired by isolation by Covid-19. Your most iconic piece? A Mona Lisa that, unlike Leonardo Da Vinci’s, holds rolls of toilet paper.

The first virtual museum about the coronavirus collects creations by artists and amateurs from around the world And he shares them on an Instagram account that already has more than 17,000 followers.

Illustrations, videos, paintings, photographs, sculptures and animations portray themes like isolation, the use of chinstraps, fear, hope, health personnel and balconies.

Work done by @paola_de_grenet. (Photo: Instagram CAM)

Its creators refer to its content as “Covid art”. Is about José Guerrero, Irene Llorca Y Emma Calvo, Those who opened a call to publish works inspired by the pandemic on an Instagram account: @CovidArtMuseum.

Irene Llorca, one of the souls of the project, explained to the Spanish media The vanguard that the idea arose in the first days of quarantine, seeing that so many people used art to escape, while production increased. “We asked ourselves, ‘What is going to happen to all those works that people are creating in their homes?’ And we think of a museum, necessarily digital, to collect all that ‘covid art’, “he said.

Work done by @sheidlina. (Photo: Instagram CAM)
Work done by @sheidlina. (Photo: Instagram CAM)

The founders of the initiative noted that receive between 20 and 50 works a day through the hashtag #covidartmuseum and in your email ( They also confessed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to count them: digital art pieces come from the United States, Australia and Egypt, among many other countries.

From the virtual walls of this living museum hang from ironic recreations of masterpieces of painting -as the Gioconda hugging toilet paper rolls-, to ironic illustrations with characters like Bart Simpson or cinematographic kisses with chinstrap.

Work done by @celout_melb. (Photo: Instagram CAM)
Work done by @celout_melb. (Photo: Instagram CAM)

“The museum will serve as an archive of Covid Art, and in the future it will show how many artists expressed themselves during this pandemic. We still value possibilities in terms of formats to make this archive more comfortable and accessible. “For now, with the museums closed, the virtual gallery is an ideal instrument to give visibility to isolated artists.

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