With ON, Arcor got $ 2.5 billion to badlar plus 1.99%

With an initial objective of 500 million pesos, Grupo Arcor reached the maximum offered, obtaining a total of 2,500 million pesos, through the issuance of a new class of negotiable obligations in the local capital market, the company reported Wednesday. .

Class 15 ONs will have an annual interest rate equivalent to the Badlar plus an applicable margin of 1.99% and a final maturity of 15 months from the date of issue.

“It should be noted that they have been rated by Fix SCR S.A. risk rating agent as AAA (Arg) and by Moody’s Latin América risk rating agent S.A. as,” the company said.

The new class of negotiable obligations was organized by the banks of Galicia, ICBC and Santander Río and additionally placed by SBS Trading, Balanz Capital Valores and TPCG Valores, and will be used to refinance existing bank debts and to finance working capital.

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