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Sebastián Villarroel, founding partner of VAVCOM, explains how Metrotel support is key to serving its customers

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a strong demand for internet connection that the company VAVCOM he was able to satisfy his clients: “We were able to comply with the requirements that clients made us and implement connectivity projects that are already working and others that are currently in process.”

Sebastian Villarroel is a Founding Partner of VAVCOM, the company that has been in the market for 12 years providing connectivity solutions services, and tells why Metrotel It is a strategic part of the connectivity business that the company develops.

“Internet is essential for the services that we develop, it is our raw material. We build fiber optic backbones and rings in Municipalities. We create FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks and transport the data through the fiber optic hairs”.

For 3 years, Metrotel has become one of the main carriers through which VAVCOM is connected. “We chose it for the quality raw material, since it is the essential thing to deliver a good service to our final client “, remarks Villarroel.

VAVCOM implements connectivity services and solutions for municipalities, government agencies, companies and homes, mainly reaching a coverage area that includes Cañuelas, Ezeiza, Marcos Paz, San Martin, Avellaneda, Esteban Echeverría and other inland towns they hope to reach. coming soon with a new FTTH project.

Currently, VAVCOM has two communication axes for planning the company’s projects, according to the customer and service segment. On the one hand, Connectivity + Service integration. “Connectivity is the data transport capacity provided by carriers such as Metrotel and is integrated with the services we provide in the Municipalities that rely on our projects, as free and free WiFi solutions in public spaces for neighbors, also availability of optical ports for the installation of security cameras and the connection of their dependencies “.

The other communication axis of the company is called Connected Communities. “Integrating the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the evolution of a city will not only entail notable improvements in the provision of services, but will in itself constitute a sustainable path for development economic and social in the coming years “, remarks Sebastián Villarroel. VAVCOM plans to invest in the deployment of networks in the coming years and expects to reach 50 thousand homes connected to its fiber optic networks.

To be able to count on a strategic partner

Metrotel, within its solutions for wholesale clients, accompanies and gets involved in its clients’ projects.

“Metrotel is a strategic ally, is present in any connectivity project that we require. We have very large projects in which the telecommunications company accompanies us as the partner we need to work closely and, in that round trip, proposals and ideas arise with constant interaction with their work teams, which is a value added regarding the ways in which other types of companies work “, comments the founding partner of VAVCOM.

In relation to the human factor and the attention quality that the Metrotel company offers, Sebastián Villarroel highlights that “There is always a good predisposition on the part of our account executives. They care about development and know that, if it goes well for us, they too. The same happens with customer service. After sales, if an incident occurs, they seek to resolve it quickly and are present every time we need them. ”

“We are developing a new project that involves the deployment of our own datacenter and we hope to count on Metrotel to carry it out,” concludes Sebastián Villarroel.

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