With a controversial message, Jenn Muriel revealed that Yeferson Cossio would have been unfaithful

Jenn Muriel revealed on Twitter what her sexual fantasy is. / Image @jennmuriell

The influencer from Antioquia Jenn Muriel, She has become one of the most popular characters on social networks in recent years, not only for her beauty and charisma, but also for her social work for animals. However, the paisa has been a trend due to her most recent message, which has generated great controversy between her fans and the followers of Yeferson Cossio.

His popularity skyrocketed when his relationship with a Cossio with whom he overflowed with love was made public. Although their romance seemed stable, the couple decided to go their separate ways in the middle of last year, sparking a lot of speculation and rumors among her followers.

Despite the fact that Jenn and Yeferson maintained a cordial relationship after the separation, the couple’s followers still hold out hope that they will get back together. But Yeferson recently confirmed her relationship with the influencer carolina gomezwhile Jenn, apparently, remains single.

However, a recent message from Muriel via Twitter has generated controversy among his followers, who have associated him with his ex-partner. The influencer expressed her desire to find a true love that respects her and shows her off as she deserves, a text that without being fortune tellers, clearly pointed to her country, according to the model’s fans.

Because of this trill, Jenn Muriel's fans assumed that Yeferson Cossio would have been unfaithful to her.  / Image @jennmuriell
Because of this trill, Jenn Muriel’s fans assumed that Yeferson Cossio would have been unfaithful to her. / Image @jennmuriell

“My sexual fantasy It’s showing off someone who behind my back talks about me with all the love in the world and doesn’t fail me. How delicious. 😍 ”, wrote the model.

Immediately, the reactions were not lacking: “That would be incredible 😍😍. You are unique”, “We are all after the same goal 🥰”, “Where can I sign up to qualify 🙈😘🙏”, “💯 that’s called love”, “We still haven’t met My Queen”, “Mine too! May it be the same love with me and without me ❤️‍🔥”, “If you focus your thoughts towards where you deserve and need to be, every day you will be closer to achieving that person who is your perfect ideal 💫”.

Jenn Muriel He has stood out for his social work in favor of animals, collaborating with various foundations and rescuing abandoned animals. In addition, she has proven to be a brave woman who is calm as she is, alone and focused on her modeling projects.

Yeferson Cossio He recently made public his relationship with Carolina Gomez, woman who is currently 19 years old and is one of the figures that most likes today attracts on social networks. There have been many reactions around this relationship, but who has “manifested” about it recently has been Jenn Murielex-girlfriend of the content creator.

Jenn Muriel and Yeferson Cossio stopped following each other on their Instagram profiles.  / Capture @jennmuriel - @yefersoncossio
Jenn Muriel and Yeferson Cossio stopped following each other on their Instagram profiles. / Capture @jennmuriel – @yefersoncossio

And it is that the model unfollowed to Yeferson Cossio in one of the networks in which they monetized the most, Instagram. With this “detail”, the content creator also implied several things: one, that she possibly feels jealousy because of the relationship that the paisa currently boasts so much, and two, that his relationship with the content creator did not end on the best terms.

Now, it should be noted that Jenn Muriel He also deleted all the photos and videos in which he was seen very happy with Yeferson Cossio. The couple was one of the most stable of the “show business influencers” in Colombia, so their separation left several speculations on the true reason why this relationship ended.

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