will open this Friday to pay RETIRED and AUH beneficiaries

During the opening days, bank branches will admit people “with the safety distances provided in the health resolution”

The banks will reopen their branches to the public this Friday, and will do so until next Tuesday, to “exclusively” pay retirees and beneficiaries of social security allocations, the Banking Association said in a statement.

The decision was adopted after a meeting held last night between the presidents of the Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pesce, and the Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker, and the secretary general of the Banking Association, Sergio Palazzo.

During the meeting they agreed to open the branches to the public next Friday, Monday and Tuesday so that retirees, especially those without a debit card, can collect their assets.

“The branches will only be opened to pay social security benefits, in addition to carrying out internal tasks already planned and that were being carried out,” the union said in a statement.

To this end, banks will open a “volunteer registry” among their employees to cover these activities until Thursday morning and, if they do not cover the necessary endowment, “they will summon the minimum resources necessary for this purpose”, without include people at risk and staff with children in their care for the suspension of class dictation.

During the opening days, bank branches will admit people “with the safety distances provided in the health resolution” so that “the rest must make the line outside the bank”.

“Once the public service hours have ended, the lines will be oriented towards the ATMs, after an interruption to load them,” reported La Bancaria, while calling on bank workers to assist the “more than 13 million people “who have” the need to have cash to make their purchases, necessary to survive. “

Request for “rationality”

The general secretary of La Bancaria, Sergio Palazzo, asked for “rationality” and that those who have a debit card “send a family member” to operate at an ATM.

“I call on the rationality of the people because it is a very high-risk population,” he said, referring to retirees.

In this sense, he requested that “those who have a debit card, send a family member to do the process at any time of the day at ATMs and free their attention.”

He clarified that financial entities “will enter a limited number of people, according to the number of boxes there are.”

“As of Friday, the branches of the banks will be opened exclusively to pay social benefits,” said the union leader.

Thus, he explained that the Central Bank “initially determined a series of electronic activities and ATMs as an essential activity, and now it has decided on the issue of payment of social benefits.”

He specified that “it opens for the Universal Child Allowance on Friday” and it will be divided into three days, so it will also include the operation on Monday and Tuesday.

“The payment schedule for the minimum retirement begins on Wednesday,” stressed the leader in dialogue with Radio Cooperativa.

On the other hand, Palazzo analyzed that April will be a “very difficult month economically” and estimated that there will be “a strong impact”.

“For a month, that large companies want to continue to maintain the level of profitability is deplorable. Then there are small and medium-sized companies that are making a great effort. The State also makes a great effort,” he said.

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