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The body in charge of Fernanda Raverta informs that this Thursday Non-Contributive Pensions and the Alimentar program for Mothers of 7 children are paid

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) reported that this Thursday, December 2 Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC) are paid and the program Feed for Mothers of 7 children.

It should be noted that this month the payment of the half bonus together with the 12.11 percent increase by the Mobility Law for Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC), retirements and pensions.

The payment schedules of all the benefits of the pension organization -including retirements and pensions– can be consulted through the agency’s website, on its Facebook and Twitter accounts or by calling 130.

Retirement and pension collection dates are determined from the last number of the beneficiary’s DNI and, in each case, a deadline is reported to collect retirements and pensions.

Non-Contributory Pensions

The authorized bank branches will serve at the window only PNC holders who must collect their December credit with documents ending in 2 and 3.

In this sense, although these people do not have to request a previous appointment to collect this benefit, they must approach the bank branch only on the assigned date. In any case, the assets will remain deposited in your accounts.

Feed Card

Since November, the Alimentar program is deposited in the same account as the AUH. This unification allows a better organization and gives greater predictability to families who will now be able to seek the best quality and the best price for their food. Tomorrow Mothers of 7 children who receive PNC with documents ending in 2 and 3.

ANSES has already reported the collection schedule for November 2021 for all its benefits

Shifts in ANSES: how to get them out

A great help to start the procedures lies in the possibility of requesting online the shifts for personalized attention. However, situations may arise in which it is not possible to complete this step. What are the options I have on hand to fix it?

Specifically, you have three options:

  • My ANSES
  • Shifts ANSES
  • Virtual attention

My ANSES Platform

My ANSES is a digital platform that allows you to carry out different procedures and personal inquiries without having to go to an office. It is entered with a Social Security Code, which can be obtained entirely online.

I can't take a turn at ANSES: what can I do

I can’t take a turn at ANSES: what can I do

Within My ANSES, in the Personal Information option, You can check your family relationships registered in ANSES (parents, children and spouse) and modify your contact information. This information is very important for any procedure that you have to carry out and so that they can send you news about your benefits.

You can also carry out procedures, How to apply for the ANSES credit or present the Child Assignment Book, among others, and inquiries such as Labor History or inform you about the status of your procedures.

How to verify my personal data in ANSES?

If you are the holder of any benefit granted by the ANSES, you have to record and maintain updated your data personal and those of your family group. This also speeds up the food card.

Keep them updated data in ANSES, it will help you to carry out procedures and to collect the different allowances, retirements or pensions that the BEFORE. And also to receive the food card.

Retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of benefits of the ANSES must keep their data updated in ANSES. This is how they accelerate the food card.

Updating of personal data in ANSES is very important to be able to obtain the food card. In order to know if the family group data is up to date, you will have to follow these simple steps.

One of the requirements ANSES Feeding is that they will have to have all the data updated in the ANSES system. Therefore, to consult this information, they will have to go to MY ANSES and verify each information that is registered.

You will only have to modify the personal data and the telephone number and email address. To verify the personal data of ANSES It can be done online from MI ANSES or by calling 130.

In case of having to update the data of people such as children or partner, you will have to present the corresponding documentation, both original and photocopy, at an ANSES office without having to take an appointment.

How to verify my personal data in ANSES?

How to verify my personal data in ANSES?

What do I need to update my data in ANSES?

Updating of the child’s accreditation data in ANSES

  • Birth certificate with the information of the minor and the parents. If it was issued abroad it must be legalized or apostilled and if it is not in Spanish it must be translated. Birth certificates from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay are exempt from visa, translation and legalization, as well as from annotation or apostille.
  • DNI of the child and parents.
  • In the case of a adopted son: testimony or copy of the adoption decision, ID of the child and the adopting parents.


  • Certificate, certificate or marriage certificate. If it was issued abroad it must be legalized or apostilled and if it is not in Spanish it must be translated.
  • ID of the spouses.

Bond divorce or personal separation

  • Testimony or copy of the Judgment of Divorce or Personal Separation.
  • National identity document.

De facto separation

  • Affidavit or Judicial or Administrative Summary Information.
  • National identity document.
  • Accreditation of coexistence and pension coexistence


Have a judicial sentence or resolution (judicial sentence, judicial summary information) or a certificate of civil registry or justice of the peace (sworn statement, certificate of coexistence, civil union, coexistence union) or attend the ANSES with two witnesses to complete form PS.1.45 Summary Coexistence Information, having to present at least one of the following documents updated:

    • Insurance policy of the owner, where the co-owner appears as the owner of the benefit or joint owner.
    • Family housing contract, duly stamped or stamped, from which it appears that both live under the same roof.
    • Proof of Social Work of the holder, where the cohabitant appears as the holder of the benefit.
    • Birth certificates of children in common, recognized by both partners.
    • Same address in both DNI.
    • Judicial summary information with two witnesses.
    • DNI of the cohabitants, and in the case that corresponds, of the witnesses.

Social security coexistence

Upon the death of a member of the couple, the following must be submitted to access the pension updated data before ANSES:

  • Check the coexistence until the moment of death.
  • Prove the duration of the bond for a period of at least 5 years or 2 years in the case of having children in common.

How to prove social security coexistence

Option 1 – Submit one of the following updated tests / data before ANSES:

  • Public instrument stating the statement of the relationship of cohabitation or cohabitation formulated by the deceased or both partners (judicial resolution, criminal complaint, judicial sentence, public deed, judicial or administrative summary information with the participation of the deceased or both partners).
  • Judicial summary information processed by the cohabitant-beneficiary with two witnesses with the participation of the ANSES and other interested third parties whose existence is known.
  • Marriage certificate of Argentine / s celebrated abroad between the period between 03/01/1956 and 06/21/1987, with a valid marriage relationship.
  • Civil union.

Option 2 – Present at least three tests / updated data of the following six before ANSES:

  • Judicial or administrative summary information with two witnesses without the participation of the deceased.
  • Proof of the owner’s Obra Social, where the cohabitant is the owner of the benefit.
  • DNI of both, where it appears that they have the same address. In the event of the death of the holder of the benefit, only the applicant’s ID will be required.where the same address as the deceased is stated in the Death Certificate or in the records of the BEFORE.
  • Social security payment order or social security payment voucher where the partner appears as a proxy to receive or to process and receive.
  • Birth certificate of children in common, recognized by both partners.

One of the following updated tests / data, provided that they can prove the same address or coexistence:

  • Insurance policy current, where the concubine / o appears as the holder of the benefit.
  • Family lease agreement, updated and duly stamped or stamped, from which it arises that both live in the same address.
  • Credit card documents updated, from which it arises that both cohabitants have the same address, or are co-owners of the same.
  • Bank documentation of a checking or savings account updated, from which it arises that both partners have the same address, or are co-owners of the account.

Public services on behalf of the partner updated, from where it arises that both partners have the same address.

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