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The decision was reached thanks to the signatures of Judges Adrián Grünberg and Daniel Obligado, but with the dissent of Judge Adriana Palliotti

The Federal Oral Court No. 5 resolved this Friday to grant the request for dismissal presented by Vice President Cristina Kirchner and her children, Máximo and Florencia Kirchner, in the Hotesur and Los Sauces cases.

The judges also ordered the dismissal of Lázaro Báez, Martín Báez, Osvaldo San Felipe and Alberto Leiva, among other defendants in the money laundering investigation, before the start of the oral trial. The ruling generates that an oral and public trial is not made, although it can still be appealed and reviewed in higher instances.

The decision was reached thanks to the signatures of the judges Adrian Grünberg and Daniel Forced, but with the dissent of Judge Adriana Palliotti. Now, the magnifying glass is on Grünberg who is five days from the end of his surrogacy.

Who is Adrián Grünberg

Grünberg, a disciple of Zaffaroni

The most curious case is that of Adrián Grünberg, who has been a titular judge of the Federal Oral Court 1 since 2009, and who recognizes Raúl Zaffaroni as his teacher in Criminal Law. Grünberg’s surrogacy ended in five days, which is why the benefit for Cristina Kirchner and her two children was accelerated.

His link with Kirchnerism is strong, given that he was part of the judicial group “Legitimate Justice “, which at the time led the former Attorney General of the Nation Alejandra Gils Carbo, and that today the former prosecutor Cristina Caamaño presides.

In addition, Grünberg signed the dismissal of CFK in the case of future dollar. On that occasion, he had remained in the minority in TOF 1. After that dissenting vote, he did not want to intervene in the trial against the current vice president and excused himself. However, the Cassation Chamber later confirmed the closure of that court case.

Cristina was not the only one to benefit from Grünberg’s decisions. The magistrate also signed the dismissal of the former vice president in TOF 1 Beloved Boudou in the cause of the car with papers “tricks”. Grünber and two other judges affirmed that the case had prescribed. However, Cassation reopened it and Boudou was sentenced to three years in prison by the Federal Oral Court 8.

Daniel Obligado: also dismissed Cristina in other causes

Judge Daniel Obligado, who benefited CFK and Amado Boudou with his rulings.

Judge Daniel Obligado, who benefited CFK and Amado Boudou with his rulings.

As for Daniel Obligado, who also signed the dismissal of Cristina Kirchner, he has been part of the TOF5 since 2007. The most outstanding fact in his record is having dismissed the vice president in the case of the Memorandum with Iran and an alleged cover-up of the attack on the AMIA.

On the other hand, Obligado allowed Beloved Boudou serve his sentence at home on the grounds that due to the pandemic he should help his wife take care of their young children.

Likewise, Obligado reduced Boudou’s time to access parole after the former Minister of Economy took various training courses, such as those for a personal computer database system programmer and an electrician installer, among others.

Adriana Palliotti: the dissenting judge

Judge Pallioti did not want to dismiss CFK.  Signed in dissent.

Judge Pallioti did not want to dismiss CFK. Signed in dissent.

Adriana Palliotti is the magistrate who this Friday rejected the dismissal of Cristina Kirchner and other businessmen. For this reason, he signed the ruling in dissent.

Palliotti is also part of the Federal Oral Court 2, which judges the vice president for the alleged granting of public works to Kirchner businessman Lázaro Báez. His track record regarding “K” causes is mixed. In 2018 it ruled in favor of the release of Beloved Boudou, who had a conviction for the Ciccone Case. Later, that definition was revised and Boudou returned to prison.

The judge was also part of the court that convicted Lazaro Baez to 12 years in prison for money laundering.

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