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There are numerous unions that will collect installments of increases agreed during the year in December. Also, others start new negotiations

December is about to start and salaries in various sectors will receive updates. Most of them, due to the fulfillment of joint agreements closed in previous months. On the other hand, and due to the high inflationary rhythm, other unions begin to negotiate new salary increases. To continue; the details.

Domestic workers

The increase in the salary of domestic workers agreed in October will be recorded in two stages: the first will be 6% that is paid in November and the remaining 2%, which will be applied in December. The salary increase will impact 1.5 million private house workers -both in what those who are paid monthly, with and without retirement, as an hourly domestic worker- and it was agreed that the next review will be in March 2022.

In this December, the employees of private homes will receive 5% and in March 2022, 12% (with a review clause that month).

The domestic workers will receive a raise in December.

Trade employees

Commerce employees, grouped under the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (Faecys), received a 9% salary increase in November to be settled in December. With this last increase, the sector accumulates an annual increase of 42%. The extraordinary payment of $ 4000 pesos until March 2022, reached in the agreement, will also govern.

Buenos Aires security forces and teachers

The governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, increased salaries by 11% for police personnel and the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service in two installments. The increases that already began in November will be paid this December, which will result in an annual improvement of 46.5%.


The Chambers of the hydrocarbon industry and all the unions in the sector agreed to advance the payment of the first of the increases corresponding to the 2022 equal to December of this year. Thus, all workers will receive a 15% increase with the salary of December 2021.

Oil tankers will receive a 15% increase in December.

Oil tankers will receive a 15% increase in December.

Joint reopening

The unions that have already begun to discuss new salary scales are:

Buenos Aires teachers

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires teacher unions agreed on a review clause in December after signing the 2021 joint agreement in five sections. What has been signed until then, established that workers will receive a 44.5% average salary increase, taking into account the improvement obtained in March of this year.

Buenos Aires educators

On August 28, the Extraordinary Congress of the Federation of Buenos Aires Educators (FEB) accepted the proposal that the provincial government made at the joint meeting, which included a salary increase that in November reaches 47% and the reopening of a negotiation in December.


The business chamber of the sector, the Industrial Bakery Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires (Fippba), and the Buenos Aires Federation of Bakers and Related Employees Workers (Foepa), agreed on August 12th a salary recomposition of 10% in two sections, which totaled 40%. They will meet again in December.


The workers gathered in the Federation of Workers of the Oleaginous Industrial Complex, Cotton Ginners and Related of the Argentine Republic (Ftciodyara) reached a salary increase on August 6 with the business chambers of the sector that raised the salary to 48.5% per year . This month a new review of this agreement will be carried out, before starting the negotiation of the joint 2022.


Bankers led by Sergio Palazzo, who recently received a bonus of $ 100,000 for Banking Day, will also enter into a peer review.

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