When will you be credited for silver in July?

The Ministry of Social Development of the Nation has changed the terms of payment of this state benefit from the month of July

The benefits offered by the Argentine State to the vulnerable population are many. Each of them is aimed at different sectors, which have particular needs, and which their condition of vulnerability does not allow them to get ahead without that help. The best known are the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), the Pregnancy Allowance, among a long list.

The AlimentAR card is one of them, which does not behave as a benefit in itself, but is part of the help that the Government provides people than they charge the AUH.

In recent days there have been complaints from users who say not having received the monthly amount that should be automatically credited to that card month by month. “I was not charged the Food Card“is the claim that some beneficiaries they did through their social media accounts.

The AlimentAR card benefits those who collect the AUH or the Pregnancy Allowance

What was the problem?

In this case there has been no no conflict that has prevented payments from being made. The core of the situation that affects all beneficiaries of the AlimentAR card is that the The Ministry of Social Development of the Nation decided to change the payment terms of this assistance since july.

This means that already will not do so at the rate of a weekly deposit, as it had happened in recent months.

When is the Alimentar Card loaded in July?

As explained from the Social Development portfolio, the accreditation of this benefit will be made in a single payment, which will be the third Friday of the month. From this moment on, every month will be that way, the weekly payment will no longer be returned as it had been until June. This means that the next amount of money will be credited on Friday, July 17.

For those who are accredited through the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), during the next week the Ministry of Social Development will inform the collection dates.

Who owns the food card

According to what the ANSES website details, the AlimentAR card corresponds to three groups of people:

The AlimentAR card can be used throughout the country

The AlimentAR card can be used throughout the country

  • People who charge Universal Child Allowance with daughters and sons up to 6 years inclusive.
  • Pregnant from 3 months charging Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection.
  • People with disability they charge the Universal Child Allowance, without age limit.

How the Food Card works

The Food card I knowb has automatically for him data crossing of the ANSES database. This means that those who are in the aforementioned list should only verify when to withdraw it, but they must not do a process to obtain it.

Registration and cancellation of the card too they are automatic processes. When a woman enters the third month of pregnancy -and receives the mentioned Allowance, of course- she is granted and notified by text message or telephone. Likewise, when the child of a woman or man who is a beneficiary of AUH turns 7 years old, this benefit is terminated without any procedure involved.

All cards are awarded personally and direct in the National Bank or in the public bank of the person’s district of residence.

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