When is the Christmas bonus 2023 collected and how is it calculated?

How is the half bonus calculated? In the next few days, workers who are under a dependency relationship will receive the first payment of the Complementary Annual Salary (SAC)better known as aguinaldo.

When is the bonus paid June 2023

The middle of the year is approaching and with June comes the payment of the half bonus, or Complementary Annual Salary (SAC), which will be for all workers in the public and private sectors, as well as retirees and pensioners.

The Christmas bonus is a bonus that workers receive twice a year: the first part is paid in June -which can be extended to July- and the second part in December. The payment that the employer makes must be 50% of the best salary of the first semester, that is, from January to June.

domestic staff

According to the provisions of Law 27,073, The first installment is paid on the last working day of the month of June and the second installment on the last working day of December.

The first payment of the Aguinaldo 2023 will be charged until next Friday June 30. However, it should be noted that the legislation admits a tolerance of up to four business days of delay in payment, so this year It can be paid until Thursday, July 6, 2023.

The amount of the Christmas bonus may vary depending on the number of months worked. To collect the full bonus, you must work the entire semester, that is, the last 6 months of the year.

However, those who have worked fewer months may also receive the Christmas bonus, although it will be proportional to the months worked.

For example, if the person worked just one month in the last semester, they will receive one sixth of the original amount.

Christmas bonus 2023: from how many months of work is charged

The bonus is calculated by taking the best salary of the first semester of 2023 and dividing it in half. This will give the final amount that the workers will receive in June for the SAC.

For this calculation, overtime is taken into account and everything “non-remunerated” is excluded, such as work clothes, benefits such as dining room or training payments, one-time bonuses and bonuses linked to the extension of the contract. of work.

What you do enter into the calculation are the overtime hours worked, the commissions and all the variables that are part of the salary itself. We must also take into account the item “on account of future increases”, a common practice in companies today.

ANSES retirees and pensioners: when do I receive the Christmas bonus and how to calculate it

The Government confirmed the payment of the Complementary Annual Salary (SAC) for retirees and pensioners of the Anses.

The bonus will be paid in two parts: the first will be paid in June and the second in December. So far, no specific dates for such payments have been announced.

The calculation of the bonus is made taking into account the 50% of the highest salary of the last semester. It is important to mention that this calculation is based solely on monthly credit and does not include extraordinary bonuses.

When is the bonus collected?
When is the bonus collected?

How the bonus is calculated

To calculate the bonus, 50 percent of the highest monthly remuneration accrued for all concepts (basic salary, overtime and any other extra received) must be taken within the two semesters that culminate in the months of June and December of each year.

Both are calculated over the next 6 months, that is, the June bonus is calculated based on salaries from January to July to the last month of the year.

Christmas bonus: what happens to workers with less than one year of seniority

In the case of workers with less than one year of seniority, the Christmas bonus is settled according to the months worked using two possible formulas.

One is to divide the best salary in half, divide that amount again by six and multiply the result by the months worked.

The other is to multiply the months worked by half of the best monthly salary and, at that result, divide it by six.

Regarding employees who have not worked the full semester, the Christmas bonus is calculated according to the following formula: the actual time worked during the semester must be multiplied by half of the best salary received and, this total, is divided by six .

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