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Holders of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) have already begun to collect their benefits for the month of February during this week, as indicated in the new February payment schedule of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) .

In addition to the benefit they receive monthly, this group of beneficiaries has access to various benefits and extra payments offered by the pension agency, such as Annual School Aid, refunds on purchases made with the debit card and a supplement.

The plugin is about 20% that ANSES retains from its assets every year with the objective that their holders deliver a sworn statement with the necessary data that proves the school and health conditionality of the child in question.

What is the affidavit for the complement for AUH

The affidavit is a document that the agency requests once a year from all AUH holders to verify what was requested.

This is the only way to request the 20% that is withheld from your credit during the 12 months that you are charged for the assignment.

To complete the document and collect what is withheld in 2021, it is necessary to wait for ANSES to enable the process since those who delivered the affidavit in December for the complement corresponding to 2020 are still charging.

ANSES requests the affidavit once a year

This is the February payment schedule for the AUH

  • Documents finished at 0: February 7
  • Documents finished on 1: February 8
  • Documents finished in 2: February 9
  • Documents finished in 3: February 10
  • Documents finished in 4: February 11
  • Documents finished in 5: February 14
  • Documents finished at 6: February 15
  • Documents finished on 7: February 16
  • Documents finished at 8: February 17
  • Documents finished at 9: February 18

How much will be charged for what is withheld in 2021?

The total amount for the 20% withheld during the 12 months of 2021 is up to $10,772.

How to do the procedure to collect this supplement

1. Enter My ANSES with the CUIL and the Social Security Code.

2. From the menu, enter the “Daughters and Sons” option.

3. Go to the option “Libreta AUH 2021” and complete the data.

4. Send the notebook and that’s it.

ANSES will pay an amount of $5,677: who collects it and when?

The National Social Security Administration (Anses) advances with the collection schedule for February, which provides for the collection of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and retirements for this week, according to the completion of the document.

In addition, the organization that leads Fernanda Raverta will pay some extras to support the sectors with less income. Such is the case of the Accompanying Program for women up to 65 years of age and the Monthly Complement for the Family Salary for Child Allowance (SUAF).

What’s more, a group of young people may charge an amount of $4,677 and a bonus of $1,000 for a program of the Ministry of Education.

It’s about the Progress Scholarships 2022, the plan that supports students in their educational completion. Recently, the program was extended to adolescents aged 16 and 17, so it has a total of 5 scholarship lines available:

  • Progress Compulsory, for people who want to finish their primary or secondary studies.
  • Progress 16 and 17 years, so that adolescents finish their secondary studies. This is an extension of the mandatory line.
  • Progresar Superior, for people who are pursuing their tertiary or university studies.
  • Progresar Nursing, for students of the nursing career in tertiary or university institutions.
  • Progress Work, for people who take professional training courses.
ANSES pays an amount of $5,677

ANSES pays an amount of $5,677

Progress Scholarship 16 and 17 years old

“Until January 31 there was time to register for those teenagers who want to finish high schoolwho are between 16 and 17 years old,” said the executive director of Anses, Fernanda Raverta on Public TV.

But the head of the agency revealed that “in March they will be able to register”, since a new instance of registration for the Progresar Scholarships will be opened.

Registration will be for all lines of Progresar Scholarships and will be activated on the program’s official website:

These are the requirements to access the Progresar Scholarships

Young people aged 16 and 17 who want to access the program of the Ministry of Education must meet three requirements:

Young people aged 16 and 17 who are enrolled in a state-run public school and who express a commitment to return to school.

Students must be native Argentines, naturalized or foreigners with 2 (two) years or more of legal residence in the country.

The income of the family group to which the student belongs must not exceed three times the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary in force in Argentina, without exception.

Then, during the year they must accredit attendance at classes and acquired knowledge.

These are the amounts of the Progresar Scholarships

  • Progress Work: $4,677
  • Progress Required: $4,677
  • Progress Higher: $4,677
  • Progress Nursing: $9,700

To these amounts is added a bonus of $1,000 for connectivity, which is delivered by the Education portfolio in order to guarantee access to the internet connection for all Progresar beneficiaries.

The bonus is credited on the same day as the monthly scholarship payments and in the same bank account.

When is the Progresar Scholarship charged in February 2022

From this Thursday and until next Friday, the Progresar Scholarships will be paid with a connectivity bonus, according to the completion of the DNI.

The payment schedule is as follows:

  • Documents ending in 0 and 1: Thursday, February 10
  • Documents finished in 2 and 3: Friday, February 11
  • Documents completed in 4 and 5: Monday, February 14
  • Documents completed on 6 and 7: Tuesday, February 15
  • Documents completed on 8 and 9: Wednesday, February 16

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