when and how you will return to work after isolation

The Government recognizes that this is a sector that must return to activity, but also seeks to avoid excessive movement on the streets.

At this time, the national government, in dialogue with the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires, is finalizing the details of the flexibility of the general quarantine.

It will be a gradual exit that will allow, over the days, the deployment of more activities.

Many doubts arise regarding domestic staff. According to the latest reports, in the first instance those who work extended hours will be allowed to return to work.

Those who work part-time or are over 60 must still respect the insulation. The former, to avoid excessive circulation on the streets, while the latter, because they are within the considered risk groups.

It is worth remembering that for the moment, still in the framework of a strict quarantine that applies until April 13, only the work of domestic staff under the age of 60 and specifically affected by the assistance of people “with disabilities, the elderly, children” is allowed. , girls and adolescents “.

Starting Monday – official confirmation is still lacking – “housework supervisors” and “landlords” could return to work.

The fact is that the new regulations will seek to prevent employees who move from one house to another during the day from returning to work.

On the other hand, within the framework of quarantine, and according to the official decree, the salaries of domestic staff must remain normal, as if the usual tasks had been carried out.

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