what the former secretary of Cristina had declared as repentant

This is the last accused collaborator who was accepted in the cause of the bribery notebooks that was born by the driver Oscar Centeno

Fabián Gutiérrez, Cristina Kirchner’s former private secretary who is missing, was the last to become repentant in the cause of the bribery notebooks.

Although he did not see the contents of the bags that the Kirchners moved from Buenos Aires to the south, the information provided to the Justice reached him to obtain the benefit of being a charged as a collaborator.

The man who was close to the current vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, revealed in his statement that Cristina called her “the crazy” or the “mare” because “nobody wanted to work with her

He came to her at the call of former President Néstor Kirchner, who asked her to accompany the first lady on her travels, shopping, and everything she did.

That is why in his statements counted how much money he spent on purchases when he went on an official trip, who paid in dollars and what she did as first lady.

“She had an office next to Kirchner’s. She went at night and at those moments she could see José López and Ricardo Jaime. José López came more frequently carrying bags. Regarding Jaime, it was frequent to see him with a backpack,” she said.

Then, the missing person told how he ended up resigning because the former president rebuked him for having gone to the bathroom and why former Planning Minister Julio De Vido “hated her.”

After 2005, he returned to El Calafate. He says that he asked José López for a job and that he did not attend him. Finally, when Cristina Kirchner was about to take over as president, she was called again. So it had no specific functions. It was his turn to accompany the marriage, especially the then president. He came and went to Santa Cruz on Tango 01.

Gutiérrez also specified how were the fundraising meetings at the end of each day, where the ex-officials arrived with their bags or rucksacks to deliver them to Néstor Kirchner. He also raised the suspicions of the vaults that were in the houses of the then presidential marriage.

The vice president’s former private secretary also denied another repentant, José López, who had pointed him out as the deliverer of the 9 million dollars that the former secretary of Public Works took to a convent years ago. The accusation was attributed to a fight he had had years before with López and that day Gutiérrez had insulted him by shouting.

López, for his part, confessed in the cause of the notebooks, that when he went to the convent he had received a call from Fabián Gutiérrez to move that money away.

Your demise

Gutiérrez disappeared Thursday night, when his family indicated that they lost contact with him. Later, El Calafate police found his cell phone lying in the city center, and on Friday blood spots were found at his home.

Now the opposition went out to claim for his search.

Laura Alonso, the former head of the Anti-Corruption Office during Mauricio Macri’s tenure, was one of the first to write a message on her Twitter account: “The disappearance of Fabián Gutiérrez, former private secretary of CFK and NK, repented confessed in the cause notebooks is very serious. GRA-VI-SI-MA “.

Who also joined the claim was the national deputy of Cambiemos Héctor “Toty” Flores, who compared this situation with that of the deceased prosecutor in 2015, Alberto Nisman. “Fabián Gutiérrez, a former secretary of @CFKArgentina accused of money laundering and accepted as repentant in the cause of the notebooks, disappeared in El Calafate. We expect his prompt appearance alive. Argentina does not need another Nisman,” he said.

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