What is the origin and what does the Easter thread mean?

A little history

The origin of the Easter thread is found in the Saturnalia, a festivity of ancient Rome that was celebrated in honor of Saturn and that many historians consider the antecedent of Christmas. It was also in Italy, but in Bologna, where many centuries later the Easter thread was given the current meaning.

Legend has it that when Odoacro, king of the Ostrogoths, took Pavia in 476, a pastry chef made one of these threads and the monarch liked it so much that he ordered the liberation of that town. Myth or Reality? Surely, an intermediate of both.

The Easter thread is round symbolizing eternity and the crown of Christ (Photo Pixabay)

Beyond history and myth, the shape and composition of the thread have their meaning. The roundness represents the eternity and the crown of Christ and whole eggs carried in its most classic version are associated with the idea of rebirth and fertility.

How to choose a good Easter thread?

Gastón Miño, captain of the Argentine bakery team, says that “beyond going to a prestigious confectionery, it is necessary to observe some details, such as color.” And he quotes: “Ideally, it should be one ocher hue, a sign that it had a good fermentation. You should also have a whitish, not yellow, pastry cream. ”

Miño also explains why whole and unpeeled hard-boiled eggs are no longer part of the thread: “It was a tradition, but bromatological reasons it is something that fell into disuse. Currently, the threads are decorated with sprinkles, dried figs and polished fruits ”.

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