What information will AFIP request to give the subsidy and reduce the payment of contributions?

The AFIP will request certain information from companies to be able to access the labor subsidy and the significant reduction in employer contributions

The AFIP will request certain information from companies to be able to access the labor subsidy that will help pay wages and the significant reduction in employer contributions.

According to the information you could access iProfessional, the collection agency will request:

  • Sales detail from 03/12/2019 to 04/10/2019
  • Sales detail from 03/12/2020 to 04/10/2020

The information must be submitted between Monday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 15, according to the termination of CUIT, The sources consulted advanced.


Likewise, the national treasury extended for two months the payment of employer contributions that were due in April. The measure reaches 56% of Argentine companies, which employ more than 3.5 million workers.

The benefit is available to those firms included in the list of activities defined by the Head of Cabinet of Ministers within the framework of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP).

The only requirement to access that must be met by those included in this list of activities will be that of having registered on the AFIP website. Companies will be able to enroll in the ATP through the web service enabled by the agency between April 9 and 15.

The postponement for two months of the payment of employer contributions to the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA) that expired in April will be automatically informed to companies once they have enrolled in the ATP.

Deferred payments must be made in June according to the schedule established by the body in General Resolution 4693 that will be published in the Official Gazette. The measure is complementary to the reduction or postponement of up to 95% of the payment of employer contributions to SIPA provided in the ATP.

ATP registration

Between April 9 and 15, both inclusive, companies will be able to access the web service enabled by the agency to enroll in the benefits and tools program created by the national government. The measures aim to cushion the economic impact of social, preventive and compulsory isolation.

The body headed by Mercedes Marcó del Pont ordered that employers must provide the economic information related to their activities that is requested of them. The data is necessary to access the different benefits contemplated in the ATP.

More time to file Form 931

Likewise, the AFIP decided to extend the term for filing the April affidavit corresponding to social security by three days (Form 931). Companies, both the beneficiaries of the postponement and those who do not have access to this mechanism, will thus have until April 16 to make their payments.

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