what did he say about Fabián Gutiérrez

The journalist described the crime of the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner as “an unfortunate police case, nothing more.” He argued with Cambiemos

The finding of the lifeless body, buried and wrapped in a sheet, Fabián Gutiérrez, who was secretary of Cristina Kirchner, sparked strong controversy in the political arena.

Although three detainees have already confessed to the murder, suspicions about the figure of the vice president crept in from the opposition, because Gutiérrez was a “repentant” in the judicial case of “the notebooks of corruption.”

In this framework, there were several political figures and government officials who responded harshly to the issues of Macrism. But on social networks the journalist’s messages caused a stir Pablo Duggan, who also charged against the opposition.

“Irresponsible and fanciful”

“The irresponsible and fanciful machinery had already begun to invent stories about the disappearance of Fabián Gutiérrez. It is an unfortunate police case, nothing more. But those who party with the deaths will keep lying“Duggan said minutes after Gutierrez was found.

The judge in the case, Carlos Narvarte, had already clarified that it could be a crime of passion and extortion, because one of the alleged murderers said he had a love relationship with the man who had been missing since Thursday.

The C5N driver continued his deployment on Twitter and I am targeting the ex-legislator of the Pro and Secretary of Federal Integration and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, Iván Petrella, who put the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman on the table.

“How many people who testified or were going to testify about Kirchner corruption died in peculiar circumstances? Nisman, the most scandalous case. But also (Horacio) Quiroga, (Aldo) Ducler, (Héctor Osvaldo) Goncalvez Pereyra, and now Gutiérrez. No I know if I’m missing any, “said the politician, to which Duggan replied:” There is never an irresponsible former official who talks about Nisman without having any idea. It is worse because Ivan is a smart guy. government”.

“Speaking of assholes with tweeting incontinence,” Duggan released in response to a tweet from UBA professor Daniel Sabsay, who wrongly mentioned the deceased as “Fabián Muñoz” and assured that “the figure of the repentant is threatened” by this recent crime.

Cross with Fernando Iglesias

“Notice how they like to lie. They are sick from lying. They invent, they fantasize, they say anything. They are incorrigible. This is how they do politics. Fabián Gutiérrez’s contribution to the notebooks cause was null. He was not a protected witness. He disarmed José López’s lie that he had given him the US $ 9 million, “said the journalist.

Fernando Iglesias, one of the swords of Macrism on Twitter.

Fernando Iglesias, one of the swords of Macrism on Twitter.

In addition, he described as “total delirium” a message from the macrista deputy Fernando Iglesias, who postulates: “Juan fell. Lourdes fell. Alberto committed suicide. Fabián was a homosexual and owed money. If you do not believe it, you are full of hatred.”

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