what are the tax measures that have been taken so far

During the coronavirus pandemic, Argentina implemented a series of fiscal relief measures. Access the full list of initiatives

During the coronavirus pandemic, Argentina implemented a series of fiscal relief measures. Below, the list of tax measures made by Edelstein, Torassa & Asociados.

Excepted Activities – Extension

Through the Decree of Need and Urgency (DNU) 355/2020, the second extension of the isolation period was ordered, which now extends until 04/26/2020 inclusive.

In this context, the list of activities excepted from compulsory isolation is expanded, under the terms of DNU 297/2020.

They include, among others: professional benefits at home for people with disabilities and autism; banking activity with attention to the public exclusively through online shifts; mechanical workshops, manufacture and sale of tires, exclusively for public transport or vehicles affected by health benefits; sale of bookstore items and computer supplies, exclusively under the modality of home delivery.

AFIP – Extraordinary Fiscal Fair

As of the enactment of DNU 355/2020 and in accordance with General Resolutions 4682 and 4692, A new extraordinary fiscal fair period is set between April 13 and 26, 2020. With the extension of the fair, the deadlines set forth in the different procedures in force before the AFIP, linked to the application, collection and supervision of the taxes in their charge, remain unaccounted for.

AFIP – Perceptions of VAT on imports

The goods that were exempted from import duties by Decree 333/2020 until the pandemic lasts (certain supplies and medical equipment), are exempt from the income of the VAT perceptions established in the RG (AFIP) 2937 for the term of 60 days.

AFIP – Social Participations and Foreign Passive Entities

The information regime established by RG (AFIP) 3293 is replaced and new issues to be reported are added, such as those related to the Register of Foreign Passive entities, created by article 90 of Law 27,260, as well as the obligation to identify the final beneficiary of different legal structures that are the object of the information regime and, in the case of Closed Investment Funds, if they are covered by the tax transparency regime of law 27,440.

AFIP – Emergency Assistance to Work and Production

The term is extended by one day (until April 16) for the registration and provision of employer information to obtain benefits of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) created by Decree 332/2020.

AFIP – Biometric Data

Taxpayers and persons liable, until June 30, 2020 inclusive, are exempt from the obligation to register biometric data as a previous step to fulfill the obligations that require it.

AFIP – Reorganization of Companies

In the cases of merger and spin-off or division of companies, within the reorganization of companies established in the Income Tax Law, the obligation to communicate said reorganization to the AFIP is established within 180 days from reorganization. The present measure, agrees-exceptionally- an additional term of NINETY (90) calendar days that will be added to the aforementioned.

Gross Income – Multilateral Agreement

For the month of March 2020, the taxpayers included in the regime of the Multilateral Agreement that have registered in 2019 total country income less than or equal to pesos two million five hundred thousand ($ 2,500,000), will make the presentation and payment of the DDJJ according to the following schedule:

Due Date and Payment:

  • CUIT finished in 0 to 2 04/27/2020
  • CUIT finished in 3 to 5 04/28/2020
  • CUIT finished on 6 to 7 04/29/2020
  • CUIT ended 8 to 9 04/30/2020

The measure applies to all jurisdictions except La Pampa, Formosa and San Juan.

Gross Income – Arbitration Commission

It is extended, until the end of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation, the declaration of non-working days arranged by the Arbitration Commission until April 26, 2020 inclusive, for the purposes of calculating procedural deadlines in all administrative actions within the Multilateral Agreement.

BCRA – Suspension of proceedings

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) ordered a new extension, until April 26, 2020, of the suspension of summary proceedings and financial institutions instructed in the terms of the Laws of the Foreign Exchange Criminal Regime N ° 19,359 and of Financial Entities N ° 21,526, declaring them unfit on April 13 to 26 inclusive for this type of actions.

Reciprocal Guarantee Societies (SGR) – Electronic signature of contracts

Due to the lack of concretion of the reciprocal guarantee contracts, since they must be made and signed in person, the execution of these instruments is authorized by means of private, unsigned instruments (electronic signature issuance).

Judiciary – Remote filing and electronic signature

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSJN), given the health emergency situation that the country is going through, ordered the remote filing of the complaint for denial of extraordinary appeal, of the lawsuits that are initiated before said Court, as well as to approve the use of electronic signature in the scope of the CSJN and lower judges of the Judicial Power of the Nation.

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