What are the mandatory “face masks” like to circulate in the City?

Starting next Monday, the wearing a face mask will be mandatory in the streets and public spaces of the Buenos aires city, and there will be fines of up to almost 80,000 pesos for those who violate the rule, the Buenos Aires government announced. Therefore, it is important to know how to make and use a face mask correctly.

To make a homemade chinstrap, mask, face mask or cover, it is essential to take into account some important concepts: these must have multiple layers of fabric, they have to fit face (but allow unrestricted breathing), they must be able wash and reuse, and be exclusive to Single Use.

They can be of different types, models and colors, but it is necessary that they respect the indications, since they are an element that serves as a protection barrier given the high transmissibility of COVID-19.

The face mask can be of different types and materials, but the important thing is that it covers the nose, mouth and chin. (Photo: EFE)

For those who want to design their own face masks, they will need the following:

– A clean surface to make them on.

– Clean tissue or piece of cloth and cotton that allows breathing.

– A pair of elastic bands, hair bands or nylon stockings cutouts.

– A coffee filter or a kitchen napkin.

Here are the steps to make the mask:

one- Wash your hands with soap and water or rub gel alcohol.

2- Open and stretch the handkerchief or cloth on the table.

3- Fold it three times, at least.

4- In the last fold add a napkin in the middle.

5- Fold back so that a rectangle remains

6- Put a rubber band on each side.

7- Fold each of the ends towards the center. One on top of the other. And ready to use!

It is important to remember that the use of this type of chinstrap is an additional measure, but it does not replace preventive and compulsory social isolation, hand washing, coughing and sneezing by covering ourselves with the elbow crease, airing the rooms or cleaning the surfaces.

In addition, it should be considered that the City Government maintains the marketing ban on N95 sanitary chinstraps to any person who does not prove to be a professional or personal of the health service.

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