“We have witnessed a new crime linked to the Kirchner power”

Alfredo Cornejo ruled out that from the opposition there has been a “politicization” of the Fabián Gutiérrez case. Joint Claim of Let’s Change

The national president of the Radical Civic Union, Alfredo Cornejo, Pointed to the “Kirchner power” for the crime of Fabián Gutiérrez and asked that the investigation be carried out by the Federal Justice. This because Currently the cause is in the hands of the prosecutor Natalia Mercado, who is the daughter of the Governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner..

“We have witnessed a crime linked to the Kirchner power. This new crime is surrounded by a very important detail: that he declared in a judicial case where he involved the intimate circle of Kirchnerism and the former president and current vice president,” said Cornejo.

The former governor of Mendoza highlighted Gutiérrez’s condition of “repentance” and accused the authorities of not having protected him. “What is concrete is that the federal investigation would be better, following the lead and not generating hypotheses and suspicions,” he added.

On the other hand, the radical leader ruled out that there has been a “politicization” of the case, as stated by the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, and other officials..

Together for Change, he linked Kirchnerism with the crime of Gutiérrez.

“It seems to me that ruling out that a person dies assassinated and has been secretary to the President of the Nation and not making any political conjecture … That does not mean that it was a political crime, but not making a political conjecture when he has declared in a cause where it involves her in the declarations, at least it requires a deeper reflection, “he said.

“It is striking that a government that was opposed to the case of the Mapuche militant Maldonado, who, when he died in dubious circumstances, affirmed from the outset that he had been disappeared by the Gendarmería and that a minority of fanatical people did not know that a lot of experts said that they he had drowned and they keep repeating the version of events, “he concluded.

Together’s Claim for Change

The coalition Together for Change He maintained that the crime of Fabián Gutiérrez, former secretary to Vice President Cristina Kirchner, is “of extreme institutional gravity” for being a witness in a judicial case against Kirchnerism and asked that “there be no relatives” of the former president in the process.

In this way the opposition force alluded to Natalia Mercado, the daughter of the governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner, and vice president’s niece, who currently works as a prosecutor and understands the judicial case that was opened after the appearance of Gutiérrez’s body.

Through a statement signed by the authorities of Together for Change Patricia Bullrich and Federico Angelini (PRO); Alfredo Cornejo and Alejandra Lordén (UCR); and Maximiliano Ferraro and Mariana Zuvic (CC), the coalition stated that the murder of Gutiérrez is “a crime of extreme institutional gravity

After stressing that “in 2018 Gutiérrez confessed before the Justice that he had witnessed the corruption circuits of Kicrhnerism”, the opposition front asked that “the investigation go into the orbit of Federal Justice” and “that there be no relatives of Vice President Cristina Kirchner in the process. ”

The provincial Justice is already trying to install, without any evidence, hypotheses about the motive for the murder“They added the referents of Together for Change and added:” It is worth highlighting the latter as the judge, the prosecutor and the police forces respond to the entrenched political power in the province of Santa Cruz. ”


Natalia Mercado (left) and María Cristina Kirchner, sister of former President Néstor Kirchner.

In addition, the opposition asked for “explanations for the delay in making the body publicly available” and considered that “this delay could have generated a manipulation of the crime scene.”

“We ask that, given the institutional gravity it represents, your investigation receive the greatest attention and the greatest transparency from the country’s political and judicial authorities,” the statement concluded.

Kirchner’s response

Government officials and figures from the environment of Vice President Cristina Kirchner came to the crossroads of statements by opposition leaders on the crime of Fabián Gutiérrez and described them as “baseness”.

After the opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio linked the assassination of the former secretary of Cristina Kirchner to his status as a “repentant” witness in the cause of the notebooks, officials such as the Secretary of Justice, Juan Martín Menna, and the Minister of Defense Agustín Rossi responded.

Menna, a man close to the former president, said in radio statements that “the irresponsibility of previous government officials does not recognize limits” and added: “Making guesses and that immediate political connection speaks of personal lowness. It is shameful.”

For his part, Rossi expressed himself through Twitter, where he stated: “Many times I said that the tirades, insults, lies and disqualifications of Cristina Kirchner were / are only comparable with those that (Juan Domingo) Perón suffered after 1955. Today A new chapter is written. Faced with delusional and aggressive infamy, Cristina gathers the love of her people. ”

Crime for “sentimental and economic reasons”

The responses were also joined by the Senate Director of Legal Affairs and the vice president’s trusted attorney, Graciana Peñafort, who combined a chronology of the case with criticism of the opposition’s conjectures and of crime.

Peñafort charged against the opposition:

Peñafort charged against the opposition: “They are excited to have a new death to mount to make politics.”

“They found his jacket, traces of blood, his cell phone and his wallet. They kept searching. Meanwhile, some irresponsible members of the opposition came out to assure that he had been killed for being repentant of notebooks and that he was a protected witness,” said Peñafort.

Noting that Gutiérrez was not a protected witness (as also reported by the Ministry of Justice), Peñafort added: “All such a lie, and they excited to have a new death to ride to make politics. The necropolitics made by PRO characters. Deletable and abject

In addition, the lawyer remarked that “the four involved already recognized the authorship of the crime“and that” one of them seems to have been his partner “, after which he pointed out:” Crime for sentimental and economic reasons. That if the militants of hatred and lies, never apologize. ”

Gregorio Dalbón, another of the vice president’s lawyers, also came to the crossroads of the speculations on Twitter and maintained that “it is a shame for others to mention Cristina Kirchner.”

“They keep making it big. The defamations made us come back. They still can’t believe that Cristina, a phone, a book and a man, left them on stage dead, sending us to sleep. with a photo of Mahatma Gandhi.

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