“We did everything backwards; the GRANDPARENTS should not go to the STREET”, warned an expert

A pulmonologist and gerontologist doctor referred to the mistake of sending grandparents out to collect wages. “We can pay very dearly,” he said.

The pulmonologist José Manuel Viudes, a gerontologist at the Italian Hospital and coordinator of Home Care for the Swiss Medical Group, warns of the consequences that the overflow of people, especially retired people, could have this Friday when the banks reopened.

“We are doing everything backwards, the geronte is the one that we have to take care of. It was the group that should not go out into the street”, said the specialist regarding what happened in bank branches.

“We call this a biological bomb,” said the doctor, who made a comparison with what happened in Europe.

“When we want to see what happened in the cities where there was an exaggerated epicenter with respect to the average, for example Bergamo, we found that 14 days before the game happened with 60,000 spectators from Atalanta and Valencia, the same with Madrid and the same in Israel. 7 days ago I had an interview about what happened in La Matanza and I said that something similar would happen, “he said.

The pulmonologist said that in 14 days it will be known what could have happened today “and we can pay very dearly.”

“How can it be that the banks do not realize that we all have to put the maximum for a common good?”

He also referred to the role of the police and their form of protection: “The police are wearing gloves and that is also wrong because it is false protection.” And I add: “The glove sticks a lot of viruses, and I just saw a policeman who will have touched hundreds of people with those gloves and just took off a chinstrap and gave it to a grandmother“he said of a situation seen by TV in Buenos Aires.

“We are really doing everything wrong today,” he stressed.

Another of the points on which the specialist spoke are the media and the doctors themselves: “There are two groups of journalists and doctors, some who are trying to be optimistic, goofy, who is not going to get anywhere because we have to be honest and Tell them: “This is the largest pandemic we have ever known and there are a million infected.” We already see what happens in Ecuador in an underdeveloped country. We are playing with fire. “

Long lines and little distance

Retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of social plans made this day long lines before the banks that reopened today to allow the payment of assets and subsidies of the National Administration of Social Security (Anses), where in many cases the distance was not respected social provision as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the recommendations, in the City and the Buenos Aires suburbs the lines began to form in some cases during the early hours of the morning and there were even areas where people arrived at the entities at night.

“It is unfortunate that this has to be done, but we knew that there would be a lot of people because it was the payday of all the retirements. I have health and it is my obligation to take care of my parents,” said Hernán, 49, at the door of the Banco Piano of the Buenos Aires party of Avellaneda, located at Piaggio 56.

The man, who arrived at the bank door last night at 9pm and was one of the first in line that this morning was more than six blocks long, complained of “having to queue in this line where we cannot be separated in the middle of a pandemic, they should think of a solution so that not so many people get together. “

Andresa Rodríguez, a 75-year-old retiree who arrived at 5.30 and took a chair to wait for the bank to open, told Télam that “I came to collect my retirement and also my husband’s pension.”

“They don’t think about people, those of us who come to collect are retired and we are in the risk group,” added the woman when she was a few meters from the door of a bank in Avellaneda where two lines stood; the longest was almost six blocks long and the other two blocks, but it was exclusively for people with disabilities.

At the Banco Nación branch, located in Miter at 400, also in Avellaneda, one of the first in line was Carlos, 44, who attended as proxy for his parents, who are over 80 years old.

They should set different hours, perhaps depending on the completion of the document and that for today and tomorrow banks make extended hours until the night to prevent so many people from joining. and the employees can also take turns, “said the man.

The same ranks, the scarce social distance and testimonies of the same tenor could be heard among the people who waited in banking entities in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Constitución and Balvanera, and in different areas of Greater Buenos Aires, where the common denominator was the agglomeration of persons.

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