Visa released tips for making secure online payments

Online commerce and transactions of all kinds via the web are growing driven by compulsory isolation.

In this context, Visa released a series of security tips and recommendations that are easy to consider when using electronic and digital payments.

Online purchases apply either from the computer or from a mobile device.

1) Do not enter a website to buy through a link. Always write the name of the page where the purchase will be made in the browser.

2) Look for a padlock or key icon that is not broken at the top or bottom of the browser.

3) Confirm that in the address of the page it says HTTPS and not HTTP, since the final “S” indicates that there is an encrypted connection between your browser and the site.

4) The use of anti-spam protection programs, firewalls Y software Antivirus can protect the devices with which we are conducting the transaction.

5) Check that the site has contact details (physical address, telephone, mail) and a clear refund and return policy, since these are good signs that you are ready to make online sales.

6) Once we click on “buy” and the product is added to the shopping cart, the site can ask for personal information such as name, surname, email and billing address and also the shipping address (in which we will receive the purchase ).

7) Keep in mind that the site will ask us to enter card information such as: Name, expiration date and number that appear on the front and security code, which are the three digits on the back, also known as CVV2.

8) Never provide personal data, your card number, password and / or your financial information in transactions that we have not started.

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