Vicente López warns that he does not receive enough doses

Mayor Jorge Macri carries out a comprehensive flu vaccination plan, but the lack of doses began to complicate the campaign

The arrival of the first colds in the metropolitan area, added to the general alert caused by the coronavirus, led to an intensification of efforts to carry out vaccination against the common flu.

However, difficulties soon appeared. In Vicente López, the mayor Jorge Macri He stated that the provincial government gave him only 10,500 doses.

With this scarce supply, in some of the municipality’s application points, the vaccines were exhausted.

The reality is that this is 10% of the amount of vaccines we need.. It is very little, with the level of older adults that we have and also with the childhood vaccination plan, “they claim from the municipality.

From the district governed by Jorge Macri, which has folded to all the sanitary measures promoted by the National Executive, have requested that more doses be sent to them urgently.

The municipality of Vicente López has been carrying out an intense influenza vaccination campaign, which covers adults over 65, pregnant and puerperal (up to 1 month after delivery) and children from 6 months to 24 months.

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