Vicente López municipality applies big data to monitor distance education

Provides student reports in real time, and allows the school to know the different processes in the learning journey

The mandatory quarantine arranged by governments to prevent the spread of Covid-19 It encourages remote education platforms, which are allies for children and their educators to continue the lectvo cycle.

Faced with the need to quickly adapt to contingencies, most of the time teachers use platforms that offer an audiovisual connection service, but without additional tools that facilitate the educational process.

The Municipality of Vicente López, in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, applies the Matific platform, which offers the possibility for children at the initial and primary level to learn, through a digital tool that allows each student to self-manage their learning at their own pace, according to teaching episodes previously established by your teacher.

“At an educational level, Matific has a support that allows us to reach students in an easy, playful and motivating way. Today, in this context of global emergency where we must use virtuality as an educational resource, it is important to be able to reach our students and continue educating with meaning, “he said Cristina Rodrigues, deputy director of Education of the municipality of Vicente López.

According to the official, more than 600 students from the Municipal School No. 10 Manuel Dorrego They already use the platform and test it in other educational establishments in the district.

Matific allows teachers to assign tasks based on the different levels of learning and abilities of students and to relay the results for better monitoring of the process.

Rodrigues stressed that “the Big data through the reports of the students in real time, since it allows the institution to get to know the different processes in the course of the students’ learning, working with multiple levels in the same classroom “.

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