US Embassy asks to avoid Plaza de Mayo this Wednesday / Argentina News

He warns that it can be risky due to the number of people who will gather for the demonstration to be held in support of the Government

The US embassy recommended to US citizens who are in Buenos Aires to take precautions and try to avoid the Plaza de Mayo area due to the official mobilization in which the Day of Militancy is commemorated for the return to the country of Juan Domingo Perón in 1972 after 17 years of exile.

“We remind all American citizens that avoid demonstrations due to their unpredictable nature and avoid all large gatherings“the US embassy warned through its social networks. It estimates that more than 100,000 people could attend and that they could” escalate into violence and confrontation. ”

The last warning for a mobilization in Buenos Aires had been on August 26 of last year, when there was a protest around the National Congress in rejection of the judicial reform promoted by the ruling party.

This type of warning from the US embassies is common, but especially to alert about the advance of the pandemic. For the country that Joe Biden rules, Argentina is in an orange state (“reconsider the trip”).

The act

In search of relaunching the government’s management and showing “unity” in the Frente de Todos, President Alberto Fernández will lead this Wednesday the only speaker at the act for Militancy Day in Plaza de Mayo.

Official sources confided to Noticias Argentinas that the participation of about one hundred thousand people is expected, which in a Peronist way means “showing capacity for mobilization”, and they specified that Fernández will be “the only speaker.”

A few meters from the Casa Rosada, the head of state will take the central role of the activity, since he will be the only leader who will be on the main stage.

As NA learned, the rest of the conveners and members of the Frente de Todos will follow the speech from below the platforms, seated in about a thousand chairs that will be distributed nearby.

The mobilization, whose call was made for 3:00 pm, will have as its main slogan “All united we will triumph”, and will seek to convey the message that the ruling coalition is “on its feet” after the electoral defeat.

Unity sign

It will be a sign of mobilized strength and also of unity. A photo that is important to us in and out of the country due to the circumstances we are going through, “Hugo Yasky, secretary general of the Workers’ CTA and national deputy, emphasized in statements to NA.

The trade unionist affirmed that “the expectation is that it will be a massive event, with a presence of all the sectors that make up the Frente de Todos.”

“The planets aligned because all the trade union centrals, the social movements, the mayors, the different interned groups convene that make up the political force, “he stressed.

The activity, which will have as a corollary an official document that will be released minutes before the President delivers his speech, will bring together the main leaders of trade unionism and social movements, as well as the members of the national Cabinet.

Likewise, the presence of governors Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Jorge “Coqui” Capitanich (Chaco) and Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán) are confirmed.

In reference to the entrance of the attendees to the Plaza de Mayo, They detailed that the unions will do it through Diagonal Sur, the social movements from Avenida de Mayo, while La Cámpora will join from Diagonal Norte.

As part of the final preparations to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Juan Domingo Perón’s return to Argentina after 18 years of exile after his overthrow in 1955, Chief of Staff Juan Manzur met Tuesday at the Government House with the new leadership of the CGT and mayors of Greater Buenos Aires, who have a great power of mobilization.

The coordinating minister met with the communal chiefs Alejandro Granados (Ezeiza), Alberto Descalzo (Ituzaingó) and Juan José Mussi (Berazategui), as well as the Buenos Aires deputy and former mayor of Florencio Varela, Julio Pereyra.

Despite initial doubts, La Cámpora will participate in the event

Symbolic day

At the end of the meeting, Héctor Daer affirmed that it is “the commemoration of a day that is very symbolic” for the Peronists.

“I heard some opposition politicians say, How are they going to do an act? There are those who erase or have no history and we are PeronistsWe have history, “said the union member.

Meanwhile, Pablo Moyano stressed that after the elections “it was demonstrated that there is unity”, and added: “We are hopeful that these two years that remain in government, in the post-pandemic, the economy will begin to reactivate.”

“There is no transition here as the unimpeachable Macri said, but we are going to continue working to reverse the economic situation of the workers and surely in 2023 Peronism will continue to govern,” he concluded.

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