Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler confesses that he had a coronavirus, but that he is already recovered

Mar 30 (Reuters) – Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler said that he and his wife, the Spanish actress and singer Leonor Watling, contracted coronaviruses but that they are already recovered, according to an interview on the Spanish television channel La Sexta.

Drexler, who lives in Madrid and recently wrote the song “Elbow to Elbow” to raise awareness of virus prevention, said he was very scared.

“When I returned to Spain from Puerto Rico, after suspending the tour I had planned, my wife began to have symptoms and isolated herself in a room in the house and the next week I began to feel bad,” said the singer.

“I spent some very rare days, very scared, although I had the mild version of the disease. We were all very scared,” added Drexler about the coronavirus, which in Spain infected more than 6,500 people and left 838 dead.

The singer-songwriter, who promoted the “home recitals” and recently posted messages urging his followers to respect quarantine, said that for the past two weeks he was unable to play the guitar and is only now feeling well.

“I would like to say that this is the way out. Many of us who go through this disease do not have a hard time. You have to have serenity and leave the hospitals free for people who really need it,” he said and sent a hug to friends. that they have lost someone they love.

“We are realizing what are the important things and what are the mainstays of society: the importance of contact and having a structure in the country, public health and education,” he reflected.

Drexler, who had also postponed a tour of the United States due to the advancement of the coronavirus, announced new concert dates on his Instagram page, which will begin on August 14 in Miami.

(Report by Lucila Sigal. Edited by Rodrigo Charme)

Written by Argentina News

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