up to 12,000 pesos can be ordered

The line implemented by ANSES allows obtaining from $ 1,000 and returning that amount in 24 or 36 installments, with a rate of 36 percent

The ANSES implemented a line of personal credits to fixed rate. They can access are the beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), who will have a credit of up to $ 12,000 for each assignment they collect online, which can be returned in 24 or 36 installments with an interest rate of 36 percent.

Keys to get the ANSES credit at a fixed rate

According to ANSES the requirements To access this line of personal credits are:

  • Be people who receive Universal Child Allowance.
  • Being over 18 years.
  • Be under 75 years of age at the end of the credit.
  • Having presented the Notebook in the previous two years.
  • The child for whom the loan is requested must be under 18 years of age at the end of the loan.
  • Children with disabilities for whom the credit is requested must have a Single Disability Certificate (CUD) in force.

The ANSES credit may be repaid in 24 or 36 installments with an interest rate of 36 percent.

Amounts and installments of ANSES loans at a fixed rate

  • From $ 1,000 to $ 12,000 in 24 or 36 installments for each Assignment you collect
  • The 24-installment plan has a TNA of 36% and a total financial cost of 37.78%
  • The 36-month plan, meanwhile, has a TNA of 36% and a CFT of 39.85%
  • The fee cannot exceed 20% of the monthly value of the Allocation

Step by step, how to take out ANSES credit

The process is carried out only online. For this you must:

1. Login to My ANSES

2. Update information personal as email, phone and address in the Personal Information section.

3. Enter the option ANSES CREDIT> Request loan from the menu on the left. Read the ANSES Credit conditions.

4. Complete the data requested by the system. Enter the credit amount, choose the amount of installments and press “Calculate” to see the installment details. Then press “Continue” and I followed the steps.

5. Accept the conditions. Then, press “Accept” to finish the process.

“When you complete these steps you will be able to see the proof of the completed process. The loan will be credited to the bank account within 5 business days of the request,” said ANSES.

In addition, the entity reported that those who have never applied for a credit or have already finished paying it, They may request a credit with the normal and usual form of payment. Those with current credits must wait until June 2020 to request a new one.

The ANSES loan will be credited to the bank account within 5 business days of the request

New line for non-essential stores

The Buenos Aires Government, through City Bank, threw one line of credits at an annual nominal rate of 12% to recompose working capital in the shops with non-essential activity, By a sum of up to $ 500,000.

The line will be available as of this Friday through the bank’s website ( and will have a payment period of 24 months in total and six grace months for the payment of the first installment.

The entity explained that, for example, a credit of $ 100,000 taken out in July, it would pay, for the period of 18 months plus six of grace, it will have an initial fee of $ 6,600 only in January 2021.

As officially explained, the line will have a subsidy of 12 percentage points over the current rates offered by the bank for loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which will be granted in equal parts by the City Government and by the financial institution.

This is in addition to a package of measures given by the Government of the Nation recently.

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