Until when will it rain in CABA and AMBA: the temperature will continue to be high

The early morning in CABA and in the AMBA localities will be marked by isolated storms. However, according to the report from the National Meteorological Service there will be no chance of hail or strong winds as occurred on Wednesday. While the The temperature will continue to be high for this time of year and will be located at 18 degrees.

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How will the morning be in CABA and surroundings?

According to the weather forecast, there will be strong storms during the morning but the temperature will rise one degree to reach 19. While the wind will circulate from the north with gusts of between 9 and 12 km/h.

It is expected that there will be heavy rains in Buenos Aires during the morning. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

How will the afternoon be in the capital?

As the day progresses, the storms will be isolated and it is expected that, after noon, the probability of rain will be between 10% and 40%. While, With 21 degrees, the maximum will be recorded this Thursday, May 25.

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Will it still rain at night?

Scattered rains will also continue overnight but the intensity of the storms will continue to decrease. Only for Friday afternoon is it expected that the sky will be clear. The temperature will have a slight decrease and will be located at 19 degrees. Too high for fall.

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