TV channel published on its networks disturbing video that sparked a whole controversy

The morning of this Monday, Channel 5 of Mexico television caused panic among his followers by broadcasting through their social networks a video that was later deleted.

In the midst of the quarantine that the country is going through, many people have modified their sleep hours encouraging them to stay on the internet until the wee hours of the morning, and that’s how a puzzling find was discovered.

Was around 03:00 on Monday when it was shared on the official account of Twitter of the Mexican channel, characterized by broadcasting youth series and cartoons, a clip that was especially disturbing, taking into account that the chain has been broadcasting for decades content focused on children and familiar.

It is a 13-second recording in which you can see a be deformed repeating unintelligible words, which many interpreted as “Time for a lunch, munch”, on a black background screen, while the silhouette that appears in the foreground looks distorted and reddish.

The strange video that was removed from the Channel 5 account quickly became a trend on the social network, remaining on the most commented topics throughout the day, where the qualifying adjectives like “frightful”, horrible “and even” satanic “were common currency.

Netizens commented that This is not the first time that these types of videos appear on the Televisa channel account. -the leading television content producer in Mexico for several decades, and whose original products have been exported to a large part of the world-, presumably They have already posted other clips of the style in the last month.

Given this puzzling fact, various users reported having seen other strange occurrences of the same type before in the accounts of Twitter Y Facebook of the chain, even the user @DogVinci He stated that Channel 5 has posted these strange videos around 3 in the morning, always being removed before dawn.

According to the investigations, the original clip on which this last edit was based belongs to a playlist in Youtube called “Kids Poems and stories“, Specifically from the poem”Lunchtime ” by the English author and presenter Michael Rosen, specialized in children’s content.

Until now the television channel has not issued its position and it is not known for sure what the purpose of these publications is. Infobae Mexico He contacted a person who works in the editorial department of Channel 5, who declared that he did not know anything about it: “It is a matter of networks, it is another area.”

According to the portal Merca 2.0 it could be a marketing strategy focused on generating brand presence in the digital environment and attracting the attention of target.

“Although the reason for these videos is not known with certainty, the reality is that precisely this mystery generated around these materials is what catches audiences and followers, who have given themselves time to talk about what the channel has done, in the midst of an avalanche of information. Therein lies the success of this mysterious and creepy digital content strategy ”, said the Mexican site specialized in Marketing and advertising.

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