Turnkey: they build modular houses that are ready in four months

The SteelPlex dry construction home factory will launch a new product at the end of the month: modular homes.

The Edisur Group company has manufactured 14 housing modules of this type in tourist areas such as Santa Catalina, Potrero de Garay and Costa Molino, but at the end of the month it will make the commercial presentation.

These are houses of up to 62 square meters made with modules of 3.20 meters by six meters. Building a house with this system costs 700 dollars per square meter plus VAT.

The modules are built on a floor in the Parque Vélez Sársfield neighborhood. The house is taken to the place armed in a truck and it is deposited with cranes.

Units have all facilities. It takes three to four months to manufacture and the buyer only needs to make a stall to mount the house on top.

“It is a turnkey product, designed as a second home, mainly for tourist areas where it is difficult to do traditional construction. But you can also assemble modules to home office in a home, ”said Andrés Brandán, manager of the SteelPlex business unit.

According to the executive, the plan is for this product to contribute 30 percent of sales to the company. For this 2020, the objective was to manufacture 50 modules, but the stop by quarantine forced to halve the goal for this year.

Dry construction

SteelPlex was born in late 2017 as a business unit of Grupo Edisur, for the development in Córdoba of dry construction, under the steel frame system.

With 20 direct and 80 indirect employees, it has its factory in Manantiales, where it began to place the first units.

Edisur’s “house factory” doubles production

There it produces profiles and galvanized steel structures for residential, commercial, hospital and other projects.

According to Brandán, last year he manufactured 140 tons of structures, which represents 70 homes.

For this year, the goal was to double the number, but the quarantine stopped the plans.

“Until June, 70 projects arrived, of which 30 have been manufactured so far. With the pandemic, it will surely be necessary to adjust the plan and aim to match last year’s figure,” he explained.

The factory has the capacity to build 35 to 40 houses per month (420 to 480 per year), therefore it has the capacity to continue growing.

The company has orders for the construction of duplexes, residential homes, clinics and commercial premises.

Part of his business plan is to partner with other businesses that allow him to develop dry construction, hence he works in alliance with Moconá, in the southern area of ​​the city, and with Edifiseco, in the northern area, while also relating with a dozen professionals specialized in steel frame.

In addition, in 2019 it trained 500 professionals and, so far this year, virtually, did the same with 250 other builders.

According to the executive, the cost of building with these materials is around 500 to 600 dollars plus VAT per square meter. Its main advantage is time, since building a 100-square-meter house can take up to six months, in addition to cleaning the work.

“Dry construction made a lot of progress in Córdoba. Wanted a lot for commercial premises. Although there are still cultural barriers, there is a new generation that finds it more efficient, “stressed Brandán.

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