Triple impact organizations had their virtual meeting

Virtually and lively, the Second Meeting of New Economies was held on Thursday, at 6:00 p.m., whose realization already has more than 1,200 views on its streaming live.

Organized by Comunidad B Córdoba and Córdoba + B, the event proposed a space for conversation about the opportunities offered by Triple Impact organizations in the days of Covid-19 to build a more resilient Córdoba.

The virtual meeting was attended by a multi-sectoral panel of prominent Cordoba references: Mariano Oberlín, social leader and priest of the Crucifixión del Señor Parish, Müller neighborhood; Luciano Nicora, Vice President of Endeavor; María Belén Mendé, rector of the 21st Century University; Diego Moyano, founder of Biopsa (certified company B that provides bioplastics and services to companies in Latam); Alejandra Torres, Secretary of Planning, Modernization and International Relations of the Municipality of Córdoba; Martín Maldonado, Conicet researcher and leader of the Czekalinski project, and Víctor Mochkofsky, co-founder of Espacio Abasto.

The main objective of the meeting was to provide a space for conversation between different sectors that make up the city of Córdoba (government, academia, entrepreneurial and business, social and scientific) in order to converse, reflect and visualize collaborative possibilities for action.

“Investors are changing and companies are changing and I believe that educational institutions have to change and education has to change. It is not in time, when the educational system can be redesigned and it is not an evolutionary process, it is a coup de shock. Somehow this pandemic and this situation that we are living came to accelerate it. There is a sense of urgency. These are not moments for lukewarm commitments ”, emphasized María Belén Mendé.

Second chapter

Next Wednesday, also from 6pm, the virtual meeting will add its second conversation space open to the public.

It will be a virtual call for 100 people from different sectors of Córdoba. The proposed ideas will seek to collaborate with all the actors in the province to transform Córdoba into a pole of new economies.

The proposal is free and online.

Those interested in registering can do so at the following link:ón.

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