Together we can get out of this new scenario

When I was a child and my parents alerted me to a situation, I clearly ignored them, because I knew that danger was near. Beyond being a historical belief, it was on the pillars that I grew up in my childhood. The authority that our parents were, sometimes took care of us even more.

In these last days, we all watched as our society began to collapse, not only because of the fear of the virus, but also because of the automatic impulses to disobey the law and to transgress.

Some took the path of social protection and others dared more and went out to demonstrate, to show that no one can lower their line. What happens to us Argentines?

I think we all like to party, go out, dance or get together with friends and family. We have to think, what goes through the hearts of these compatriots. And I say heart and not head, because I think it is a more emotional than rational matter.

This part of society demands something, it urgently needs to be recognized in something, maybe it needs more attention? It can be and surely could be analyzed by any psychoanalyst.

But the truth is that sometimes you have to put aside these personal egos, to return to being a social human, a person who thinks not only of himself, but of others, of his neighbor as the scriptures say.

The entire population is on the alert and in fear for sure, but lor that in these times we need is to be connected in the collective unconscious, not filling it with terror, but thinking and helping so that our health professionals, such as Doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaning personnel, stretcher-bearers, clerks and pharmacists from all over the Argentine Republic can achieve the best of successes, because if they fail, imagine what would happen to all of us. Today a nurse is more important than a soccer player.

Let’s control the emotions and think that jTogether we can leave this stage where we are all important actors.

* Chronic Daily Director

Written by Argentina News

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