Today’s horoscope, Saturday April 4, 2020


What is interesting and important to highlight within yourself is the possibility of seeking to be well. Life brings problems, but in front of them and for them it is significant to contribute the best of one to try to be happy.

Moment: gold color.


It should be own healthy pride, being able to highlight the virtues and contribute them to the other. Measuring yourself and knowing how to pronounce the right words generates evolution. We may not always be able to maintain this awareness, but it can be done.

Moment: floral lavender color.


Courage and enthusiasm for this day in which the Geminians aspire to be able to correct problems and misunderstandings. Do not miss the opportunity with people who interest you, important things are solved.

Moment: mauve.


Motivated but with some doubt, Cancerians who look with anxious eyes at people they know. Doubt or fear are not good advisers, especially in the affections, proposing or showing what it feels like, it is beautiful. Ahead.

Moment: red rose.


There are the leoninos with internal questions, in a day that they will enjoy their time of solitude. It is valuable to be with yourself and take the time to be able to see and see the things that are happening to us in life. Finding.

Moment: water green.


Attentive to family issues, Virginians will contribute their lucid concepts and try to solve the problems that arise. Patience and dedication in the workplace for issues that concern them. Balance and peace.

Moment: jade color.


Day with illusions and romanticisms. Librians will spread calmly in love and not just as a couple. They will give their touch of understanding to the actions of the wrong people. Libra always contributes its best, sensitive and understanding part.

Moment: strawberry color.


Scorpios with decisions in the affective area, which for some would be decisive. They have good celestial appearance but they add patience and good treatment. Everything can be said, from good intention and respect.

Moment: magenta.


A certain feeling of nerves for this day that brings back memories of the past without providing useful things for when one suffered for such. Try to internalize issues from the past and feel the autonomy and firmness to be free.

Moment: deep blue.


Inner fight and sincereness that will lead Capricorns to refresh their lives in the area of ​​affection. This way they can put aside what does not bring them positive things. They will achieve new paths.

Moment: White color.


Aguateros with celebrations that bring certain airs of relief for spontaneous creatives of the Zodiac. They will see their projects reflected beyond what is expected and ready to materialize. Nothing will stop them. Full love.

Moment: bright yellow.


Endless issues to solve in the family area, time to sit down to chat and put the points on the I’s. They succeed on this day with so much momentum, appease and seek the best solution. Opportunity to understand many things.

Moment: amethyst color.

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