Today’s horoscope, Saturday April 11, 2020


The formula would be not to worry so much about the inconveniences that arise in this day that involves rest. They will be busy solving work problems if there are things that we must inevitably do, so we must do them. Feeling of calm.

Color Moment: plum.


A scoop they give them underpins them in the workplace. They take refuge in someone who inspires more and more confidence. The key to love is exactly mutual love. see even what we don’t want to see. Good time for internal relaxation.

Color Moment: cream.


Smiles and tears will be combined in conversation with someone desired and who mobilizes them a lot. Today they learn that sometimes their own mistakes deviate fate, but fate does not always cease to be that foreseen by the Universe. Tranquility and hope.

Color Moment: orange.


They achieve a reward they deserve for their performance in activities. It is important to be recognized above all to incentivize yourself in maintaining the pleasant style with which we manage. Making up for lost time is something possible, it all depends on the intensity we dedicate to achieve it.

Color Moment: light yellow.


Thoughts come that put you in touch with certain possibilities of improving economic growth. The just cause with which they demand more presence in your home should respect. Nothing more important than what we should give to those we love.

Color Moment: White.


They anticipate a profit that will ease them to pay off certain debts. It would be negative if they did not attend the exclusive meeting to which they were invited. Try to connect with your intuitive part and act from there when you feel like you need to sit down and think.

Color Moment: Strawberry.


A day that will test your patience due to issues to be resolved. The day brings a certain movement of money that will put them in a good mood. Little by little everything is getting comfortable. When things affect us so much it is preferable to learn a posture that does not make us suffer.

Color Moment: magenta.


Waiting day for a very important response in the workplace. A possibility of managing another type of economy arises out of nowhere. Possible profit. Seek to be calm and wait. Turn a dream into reality by acting with extreme caution.

Color Moment: green.


They give them a joy by making them participate in an event of happiness. In love, be ready to give in to positions that no longer make sense to maintain. If we all give in a little and stop tugging things will work out for sure. Look at the best part of everything.

Color Moment: aquamarine.


It unpacks a situation that forced them to spend more money than programmed. The ability to resolve avoids a problem with family. Help and relief from the hand of those who love them. Knowing that everything is a matter of enduring or seeking simplicity and hope.

Color Moment: blueberry.


They embrace an affective alternative that rescues them from a situation that would have made them suffer. Everything is the same, don’t worry about things you only imagine. The good news from the hand of someone in the family. The point is not to reach the limit to check certain things.

Color Moment: light blue.


Temporary state of tension for news that comes that corresponds to their jobs. Do not be discouraged by the versions you receive. Believe in what you know and see. A real conquest will make you feel great. Always turn to the affections, seek understanding and the warm hand that accompanies us.

Color Moment: tangerine.

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