Today’s horoscope, Friday July 3, 2020


It would be important to make things happen more naturally. Wanting to force things would not be the best option, neither in love nor in anything. Wait for the good results that could come from the hand of someone who is helping you.

Moment: light green.


Full day on the emotional level. They feel very intimate and positive conversations with their partners. The financial plane would be looking for its direction, try not to despair and connect with the fact that the whole world is in crisis.

Moment: Pink color.


Order without fear of people in the environment with results that serve them. Geminians it is good to work the body, the house is a very conducive place for that, make a point of putting physical intention that relaxes you at some time of the day and every day.

Moment: bright yellow.


Cancerians renew hopes for old conflicts with people in the workplace. These times are giving us internal permissions to be able to use time in pursuit of thinking and rethinking. Love eager to stabilize.

Moment: coral colored.


Leoninos the force of this ruling Sun installs them as natural leaders. Today try to appease that impetus that sometimes exceeds and ignores achievements or beautiful fruits that you know how to obtain, especially on the loving plane. Internal struggle that must calm down.

Moment: Calypso color.


Sadness before responses received about which they expected something different. Assume that things in life contain contradictions and that even with them we can think they are necessary. The Universe has its own order with black and white.

Moment: purple in color.


Librians on a warm day internally. Take advantage to be able to distinguish the good contribution that gives us to be calm. Search to project their ideas with faith, an attitude that must be taken into account in the face of the insecurities that sometimes characterize them. Illumination.

Moment: corn-colored.


Scorpios good day for concretions in the plane of the activities or financial. They will live this Friday with a smile of relief. There are some issues with friends who deserve to call them. The recognition of our mistakes make us evolve.

Moment: gold color.


Day with some waits or lack of answers that seemed to come. There is no need to push yourself internally to achieve your goals. Managing emotions and nerves is a task that we all need to do. Clear thoughts.

Moment: orange in color.


Sensations found in the family area, feel that their points of view are not understood, however, by reviewing attitudes they will find the key to the problem. The financial plan with a day in which concerns would be clarified and prosecuted.

Moment: the color blue.


Aquarians, find the best part of everything you live. Today is a day that you might feel that your ancient structures could change to ease the internal burden of your guilt. Learning to apologize helps while changing the negative saves.

Moment: blue color France.


Pisces new route in the plane of the activities. They connect with a powerful need to do something new that allows them to expand on the creative. Love with tweezers, at times they withdraw and stop trusting each other. Always aim to dialogue.

Moment: colored algae.

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