“TN, a country in quarantine” did 12 thousand KM and went through 86 locations with more than 500 interviews

The night of this Saturday had an emotional moment in the air of TN when in the special of “A country in quarantine ”, the journalist Paula Bernini, in charge of the shipment, was excited to review the journey that led her to travel the entire country aboard the TN bus.

A trip from north to south of Argentina, which started in March and spread for 40 days, to know how quarantine is lived in the different corners of the country.

12 thousand kilometers traveled, 16 provinces visited, 86 towns visited and more than 500 interviews ”, Bernini recalled excitedly and thanked for the opportunity.

“We learned from the voices of the protagonists themselves. We take hundreds of anecdotes, places, people, and moments of coexistence with colleagues, which we will keep forever, “said the journalist.

The TN team aboard the “journalistic bus, traveled the country for 40 days. (Photo: TN air capture)

The TN team aboard the “journalistic bus “As they chose to call it, he toured different towns, among which Puerto Madryn, General Güemes, Río Mayo, Diamante, Purmamarca, Bariloche, Viedma, Cafayate, Puerto Pirámides, Volcán, El Cóndor, Calafate, Puerto San Julián, Achiras, Río Galicians, San Martin de los Andes, Humahuaca, Lobos, Coronel Dorrego, Venado Tuerto and Tafí del Valle.

Paula Bernini appreciated the countless displays of affection she received during the trip. (Photo: TN air capture)

“It was a tiring, difficult trip, but I really enjoyed it,” acknowledged Bernini. At the same time, he took the opportunity to thank and greet all the people he met on this trip, and who gave him countless displays of affection.

The team visited 16 provinces from north to south of Argentina. (Photo: TN air capture)

Finally, he made a special mention for his teammates, and she was moved to tears. “You can’t make television without all the people behind you. I am infinitely grateful to my team that accompanied me and made all this possible. It was 40 cool days and where we all respect each other. The respect personally and professionally was incredible. It was an incredible work and personal experience. I’m very happy“He concluded.

“It was an incredible work and personal experience,” said Paula Bernini. (Photo: TN air capture)

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