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This was the shocking fall of Verónica Lozano from a chairlift in the United States

The images, taken by witnesses, show the moment in which the driver hit the snow. She suffered a serious injury

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02/12/2022 – 10:06 a.m.

Verónica Lozano fell this Tuesday from a chairlift on a ski slope in Aspen, United States. This Friday the video of how the shocking accident was.

In the images released by the journalist @pampitook it is seen that after a transport failure, the television host was left hanging from the chair for several seconds, until she fell into the void.

In the video you can see the exact moment of impactwhile a couple, speaking in English, relates and speculates with what they observe live. Lozano, falling, remains still on the floor. Moments later different people begin to approach to help her.

Hours later, it was her own Lush who through his Twitter account thanked the messages received and clarified that he is “fine”.

The driver had traveled with her partner, Jorge “Corcho” Rodríguez. According to reports, the panelist Analía Franchín was also with her.

This Friday, the journalist Marcela Tauro gave details of the accident. “She has been hospitalized since the time of the accident at the Aspen Valley Hospital clinic and they tell me that she is actually Vero fell from the chairlift 7 meters high. She was misplaced when sitting on the chair. The chair stopped after the third tower and she couldn’t hold on and let go. That’s why she fell and broke her ankles,” she said.

Verónica Lozano, hanging before falling from the chairlift.

Verónica Lozano, hanging before falling from the chairlift.

And he continued with his information: “We thought, according to what had been said, that when he wanted to get off the chairlift he made a bad maneuver and that he hurt his foot. But now they tell me no: that he fell from a height of 7 meters. hanging from the chairlift and since she couldn’t hold on, so she jumped in. There she would have broken both ankles”.

“It is said that they are going to delay her return to the country as well. They are going to operate on her in the next few days. She will have at least four months of rehabilitation and in a wheelchair,” the journalist specified. And she stressed: “They told me ‘it is much more serious than what is publicly known …’. It seems to me that she did not want to convey concern, that’s why she wrote a tweet thanking her.”

Verónica Lozano, before the accident.

Verónica Lozano, before the accident.

On the other hand, Taurus added that the driver “must stay in the United States to undergo surgery.”

Lozano’s vacation and the “Cork”

Judging by the Instagram posts of the presenter of Cortá por Lozano, she arrived in Aspen accompanied by her partner and the daughter they have in common, Antonia (12), with whom she appeared on their networks before the accident.

Hours before injuring himself coming down from the chairliftLozano posted several images on her networks in which she could be seen posing fun in the snow, like her daughter, whom she showed from behind; and having dinner with Rodríguez in an exclusive restaurant. The dinner was for her boyfriend’s anniversary.

Along with the family there were also several couples of friends, such as Analía Franchín (49), who usually travels accompanied by her husband, also a businessman Sebastián Eskenazi, and their son, Benicio (11).

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