this leaves the department where Che Guevara was born

One of the owners said that they received offers from Argentina, Russia, Turkey and other parts of Europe. Why do they want to dispose of the property?

The property where Che Guevara was born is for sale, and there are already dozens of offers that the owner received for his purchase.

The apartment is located in a building on the corner of Urquiza and Entre Ríos, in the Rosario city center. It has more than 90 years old, French style and is very spacious: It has 240 square meters between the kitchen, a large bathroom, the shield, a dining room and the rooms.

Francesco Farruggia, owner of the apartment where Che Guevara was born.

“In one of them, ‘Che’ Guevara was born, according to what his father told me,” Francesco Farruggia, one of the owners of the department, who has just put up for sale, tells RT.

Before the birth of this symbol for the universal left, his parents lived in the province of Misiones, because they had bought a herbalist. When the mother’s pregnancy was advanced, they decided to leave for Buenos Aires, for better medical care.

However, they did not reach the capital and had to get off the boat in the middle of the route, because little Ernesto was already on the way.

Che Guevara's birth house, for sale.

Che Guevara’s birth house, for sale.

Thus, a relative of the family lent them their home, where the mother gave birth. And, although they only stayed a month and a half there, the issue is a pride for many locals: the man who changed the history of Latin America, technically was from Rosario.

The house that welcomed that future icon of the Cuban Revolution confirms one thing about its origins, already known to many: “It was a family of the upper bourgeoisie,” says the owner. “It is a noble building, very well preserved. Those who live there are all wealthy.” In fact, the work was designed by Alejandro Bustillo, “the greatest architect in Argentine history”, known for having been in charge of famous constructions, such as the Flag Monument, the headquarters of Banco Nación in Buenos Aires and the Central Casino from Mar del Plata.

Whoever wants to keep the property must have at least $ 400,000. And, in addition to the important sum, it is necessary to fulfill another indispensable condition: “That preserve the architectural heritage, and the historical cultural“clarifies the current owner.

For the time being, offers came from Argentina, Russia, Turkey and other parts of Europe. Those interested are businessmen, and in the case of the ‘Old Continent’, there is also a foundation willing to pay the requested amount. The deadline to make offers is July 15, and the decision will be communicated ten days later.

So is the department inside.

Bluntly, Farruggia comments on his classified ad: “I would never sell the house to an American who wants to hide the figure of ‘Che’, as he has been hidden in Argentina for so long. Also, with ‘fake news’. He would sell it to someone who shows his values, and not the falsehoods that discredit him. “.

The owner’s story

Francesco’s story is quite unique. He was born in Totoras, almost 70 kilometers from Rosario, and then went to study in that city. While studying Engineering, he lived two blocks from the apartment where Ernesto Guevara was born. She was devoted to him, and read over 50 of his biographies. At 15 he found out about his murder, and it was a hard blow: “I had his poster in my room, imagine.”

Farruggia did not finish his studies in Argentina and went to live in Italy. It also passed through Spain, South Africa, the US and Cuba. On the Caribbean island he settled for two years “because of the romantic relationship one has with the revolution, in Latin America, which resulted,” he explains. Now he is in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil), where he has resided since 2005.

Throughout this journey, he made a Great business career linked to the world of communication and strategic and political marketing. He currently chairs the Campus Party firm, invests in digital startups and is a founding partner – together with former US Vice President Albert Arnold – of Futura Estudios, a firm that analyzes the coming society.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the century, this man was reading the newspaper in Milan, and he could not believe what an article said: “I saw the news that ‘Che’ Guevara’s home was being sold, and I jumped”, remember. “Do we buy it? Yes, we buy it.” It was that simple the conversation he had with a businessman friend from Spain, to acquire the property in equal parts, on the other side of the sea.

That operation was written in 2002: “It was without knowing what we were going to do. Obviously it was not going to be for living, because we lived, one in Milan and the other in Madrid. Neither to speculate nor to rent. we bought because it was a symbol “, points out. According to account, they paid “40% more than the real estate value”.

When making the acquisition, they notified the Municipality of Rosario, the Government of the province of Santa Fe, the Presidency, the Cuban authorities and the Guevara family: “We made it available for what they considered important,” he says. However, not much is allowed: “The general public cannot visit it. It is inside a horizontal building, with a consortium that does not approve of any activity being opened, as is logical. It is a house. You can’t put a museum. ”

Likewise, he received visits from great personalities, such as ‘Pepe’ Mujica, Alberto Granados —friend of “Che”, who accompanied him during the trip through the region on his motorcycle, “La Poderosa” – and General Harry Villegas – fought alongside Guevara and was the only guerrilla who was saved in Bolivia, where the Argentine leader was killed. “The president of Honduras came and wanted to visit the house, we would open it for him,” he exemplifies.

But why do they want to sell it ?: “We have reached an age (66 years), we have children, properties in different countries. We want to order that, not leave problems for those who remain.”

One of the attributes that arouse the greatest admiration among the followers of ‘Che’, is that he gave up his privileges for a common goal, something that ultimately cost him his life. “The only guy who was consistent with his ideals, “describes Francesco. In effect, in addition to abandoning his comfortable economic spending in Argentina, Guevara also left the prestigious public offices of the Caribbean island, to expand the revolutionary spark in other countries.

Thus, he left the Ministry of Industry and the Presidency of the Central Bank to fight in Africa, returned unsuccessfully, and left for Bolivia, where he was killed. “When you don’t have power, it’s easier to die, but when you got it, get out of it, and go back to the fight, it’s a tremendous thing. That made it great,” says this businessman. However, he regrets that in Argentina “there is a tendency to hide his image, or to have no pride in who ‘Che’ Guevara was.” He adds that it was tried, for many years, to obscure his figure, for being “a controversial character”. In tune, He noted that “outside the country he is valued much more.”

And speaking of ideals, the revolutionary leader was a fervent detractor of private property. If he were alive, how would you explain this transaction to him? RT asked: “I would never be a guerrilla. It is one thing to have admiration, and another to want to be that figure. I am an entrepreneur, within the capitalist logic, with a left-wing political formation. To ‘Che’ I would say that, humbly, what I did was keep the apartment, because anyone could have bought it and put it into oblivion. It was for preserve memory, and I’m going to leave it to someone who thinks like us. “

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