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When we thought that Kylie Jenner would become the most extravagant celebrity of the Paris Fashion Week with her dress that included a Lion’s Head life-size, the American rapper arrived Doja Cat with a much more peculiar style. The artist attended the fashion show shiaparelli covered from head to toe with 30,000 Swarovski crystals deep red.

The Italian firm offered a parade inspired by Dante’s hell and animals (in fact, part of its collection included dressed in the heads of tigers, lions and wolves, in real size, sculpted and painted by hand). And precisely to recreate this hell was Doja Cat’s goal with his styling, a collaboration between Shiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberryand the makeup artist Pat McGrath (who has her own makeup line for sale at Sephora).

To do this, as has been seen in various videos shared on Instagram, the rapper has not hesitated to submit for almost 5 hours to hard work in which several people have participated. The outfit consists of a corset with a strapless neckline, a pencil skirt with crystalshigh boots, a satin shawl and maxi stone earrings, all in the same tone vibrant red.

But the most striking thing has been the spectacular makeup together to the swarovski crystals that adorned both the head (previously covered with latex) and the entire face (ears, eyelids, lips…), as well as the neck, neckline, arms and hands. According to what Pat McGrath has said, it took four hours and 58 minutes to achieve this striking and unprecedented look.

“It has been an honor to collaborate with the incredibly talented Doja Cat and Daniel Roseberry on the look. ‘Doja’s Inferno’ for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture FW23 collection. Doja’s patience and commitment in the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took me and #TeamPatMcGrath to create the look, covered in over 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals, it was really inspiring. The final product was a magical and mesmerizing masterpiece and a tribute to Doja Cat’s hard work and dedication,” the makeup artist explained through her Instagram profile.

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