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Isabel Diaz Ayuso She is one of the Spanish politicians with the greatest personality. The president of the Community of Madrid, candidate for the Popular Party in the elections next Sunday, May 28, has a varied wardrobe and, in general, ‘low cost’, which has changed a lot since her appointment in 2019. to their 44 years, Díaz Ayuso currently displays a more youthful and feminine style. In addition to her way of dressing, the president of the Community of Madrid has also changed her hairstyle and makeup.

In the last months of 2021, Isabel Díaz Ayuso suffered a significant physical change, losing up to 10 kilos. This change was very noticeable in the way of dressing of the politician who began to bet on more modern and trendy clothes.

For the day to day Isabel Díaz Ayuso usually bets on the solid color suit jacket, the ‘working girl’ look par excellence of those who know the most about fashion. He has it in all colors: klein blue, pink, like the one he wore in the Telemadrid debate, red, white, gray, light blue… He also dares with various pants patterns: from the classic straight, to the flared, the ‘palazzo’, the ‘culotte’, the tightest and ankle-length, etc. She has sometimes worn blouse and skirt sets, betting on trends such as the pleated midi skirt or leather skirt.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has turned the monocolor jacket suit into her quintessential outfit to succeed in daytime events.


For special events, such as the events for the Day of the Community of Madrid or meetings with the Kings, Isabel Díaz Ayuso does not hesitate to bet on fitted and feminine dresses which, in general, are less common in politics. He always prefers plain dresses in bright colors, instead of the patterns that are unusual in his wardrobe. When it comes to evening events and parties, politics dons elegant evening dresses with sequins, transparencies or feathers. And in more informal events, he does not hesitate to wear more ‘casual’ garments such as the denim jacket, the perfect one or the vest.

For the more formal events, such as audiences at the Royal Palace, the president of the Community of Madrid opts for tight-fitting dresses in a wide range of colors, but always plain.


Refering to color palette, the president of the PP of the Community of Madrid dares almost anyone. We have seen her with red, pink, blue, brown, black, white, yellow, green… Regarding brands, in general, Isabel Díaz Ayuso is committed to Spanish fashion. In her closet there are no shortages low cost brands like Sfera, Mango, Zara… When it comes to dazzling at an event, Victoria, the brand of bride, guest and godmother of Vicky Martín BerrocalIt is usually always your choice. But in his closet there are also clothes from other firms such as Bleis Madrid or Maje, which he also shares with Doña Letizia.

Transparencies, feathers, sequins, Isabel Díaz Ayuso dares with all fashion trends.


Isabel Díaz Ayuso also pays attention to accessories. Her stylistic change includes the use of the ‘stiletto’, the heeled shoe that triumphs among the ‘royals’ and the most stylish women. Although in winter she sometimes wears boots and ankle boots, in general, she opts for the elegance of high-heeled shoes, usually in nude or with an animal print. In summer, sandals and espadrilles they are the options chosen by politics. In addition, she also sometimes carries matching bags and is always pending, even on occasions she does not hesitate to promote accessory brands through her instagram profile.

His stylistic change included a flattering look change. The president of the Community of Madrid wears a midi curly brown hair that she always wears loose, combed with a side part. For the most special events, she usually collects her hair in low buns with loose strands. Her makeup is always natural, betting on focusing all the attention on her eyes, which she usually emphasizes with eyeliner and mascara.

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