this is how the cost per blue dollar plummeted

The jump in the blue dollar made spare parts convenient, either to value your own house or to make an investment

He dollar blue with a gap of more than 35 pesos with the official (adding, of course, the PAIS tax) presents tempting costs for those who can face construction works remodeling in their homes or to value properties that will be introduced to the market. This, in a context in which the price of building per square meter is also at record lows.

This is made clear by Pedro Brandi, spokesman for the Construya Group: “The current construction costs in dollars present a great opportunity to invest, with a high return on a very safe investment. ”

When comparing the INDEC data from May 2020 with April 2018 (from which time the largest exchange rate jump occurred) it can be seen that construction costs fell by 64.7%. “This allows investment in the construction sector to increase the value of savings in the long term.or. It generates an important difference when compared to other alternatives. For these reasons, it can be assured that today the market offers the opportunity to build and obtain considerable benefits, “adds Brandi.

For experts, it is an ideal time to face a spare

What is the cost per square meter?

For the architect Julia Cabral, expert in recycling, this is a ideal time to face renovations. “The cost for spare parts reached u $ s500, and today he walks in u $ s350. The materials have hardly risen because there are few works, and the merchant needs to sell. The labor force did not rise as there were no peers and jobs need to be maintained. What’s more, in some cases it has dropped for this reason, “says the specialist.

The real estate businessman Sebastián Cantero agrees with the figures: “Before the pandemic, we had a budget to value $ 500 per square meter. Today it’s at $ 320. “

“Current recycling costs have fallen 45% due to the jump in the dollar. It happens that it is a very good time to take advantage of doing those things related to modifications that were pending, since the values ​​in real terms of costs have not yet been updated, “adds Cantero.

The difficult thing today is to find parameters to move. “Until March, the increase was within reason between 2% and 5%. But since the beginning of the quarantine there are no certain prices. The Argentine Chamber of Construction, which generates the CAC index, with which they are usually determined the contracts, it is not issuing said index, “says Florencia Kihara, coordinator of the UADE Department of Architecture.

The exchange gap generated that today less than US $ 350 is needed to renovate the home, per square meter

What to remodel, kitchen or bathroom?

It has always been known that bath and the kitchen are the environments more complicated when it comes to remodeling. Now they are doubly more complicated. Why? “Not only due to the impossibility of obtaining permits, but also due to the limited availability of materials. Suppliers show declining stocks. There is even a clear difficulty in obtaining essential imported materials, such as marbles, which makes the offer of variants be very limited. Now, if these difficulties were overcome, the economic advantages would be spectacular, “says the architect Fabián Antonio Mulis.

Going beyond difficulties, for Cabral it is a good time to renovate the kitchen, “because its manufacture is in the workshop, and its installation takes a few hours. Specifically, in the carpentry business, the man hour was maintained and the melamine material so far this year rose 37%. Today it seems expensive to renovate this environment, but it is almost the same as at the beginning of the year. “

Regarding the bath. In December “remodeling the square meter of this environment was around 1,200 blue dollars, and today it revolves around 900“, details the architect Pedro Lagleyze.

In turn, this professional makes the difference between materials that follow the dollar and those that do not. “Among the first is aluminum, which in dollars is worth more or less the same, but when you pass it to pesos the increase is more noticeable. The same happens with glass and not to mention imported products. Now, the bag of Cement, which has a more national price, was $ 470 in December and today is $ 530. This is an increase of 12%, which is not very significant compared to the dollar, “says Lagleyze.

Between the buildings they’re advancing you perceive a preponderance of dry work, both with wood panels and steel framing. For example, “the value of the square meter of the panel kit (enclosure) installed is around u $ s115 (in its informal version), which allows us to achieve a final value of u $ s450“concludes Guillermo M. Badano, Managing Partner of Tao Paneles, a member of the Wood Chamber (Cadamda).

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