They went out to dinner at a restaurant in Córdoba and on the ticket they received a homophobic insult

A couple reported on social networks that they were victims of an act of discrimination in a well-known Italian food restaurant in the province of Córdoba. “My thoughts get clouded when I try to believe that it still exists people with so much anger and hate“said Leonardo, one of the victims, on his Facebook wall.

Both he and his partner, Edgar, went out to dinner outside on Sunday. “We bought the menu with a dessert and as we were in a hurry We ordered the dessert to go“, they later told The twelve.

Everything went well until it was time to pay, only that in this case it was not the price of the food that angered them but the entry they discovered on the ticket: the paper read “fruit salad to take for the put …”.

As the couple said to local media, they received two calls from the company for apologies and even they offered to refund their money They had spent on what they consumed.

The discharge of the victims in the networks. (Photo: Facebook / Leo Bustamante).

The bad time they had passed, however, was so great that the apologies did not reach and they presented a complaint to INADI (The National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism). Meanwhile, in dialogue with String 3, The restaurant owners’ lawyer said that the situation will take to the last consequences.

“The company is still surprised by this episode. The investigation has begun to see if it can be checked. If it happened, it would have to be with the attitude of an employee in a trial period as a cashier and that the unfortunate legend would have been inserted. What is clear is that you are not going to allow any kind of this attitude and that the corresponding measures are going to be taken, “said the lawyer.

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