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After the scandal that was unleashed when the video was released, the Salta authorities decided to suspend the driver’s license

Following the scandal carried out by the councilor Soledad Gramajo, who drove a car drunk sitting on the lap of a man, the Secretary of Citizen Mobility of Salta decided to suspend the official’s driver’s license.

The announcement from the Transit authorities came five days after Gramajo took office. “It is a political manipulation,” Gramajo had said when the videos were released, which he assured were old. The official left her role as a judge of the Administrative Court of Misconduct to become fully involved in her political career.

Had assumed 5 days ago

The elected councilor who was recorded in a video while driving a vehicle on the lap of a man, in an apparent state of drunkenness, was sworn in last Friday as a member of the Deliberative Council of Salta, along with the other 20 members of the body.

Sources from the Salta Deliberative Council reported that the initial swearing-in and assumption session of the 21 capital city councilors took place, who later unanimously elected Darío Madile as president of the municipal legislative body.

Meanwhile, the first and second vice presidencies were in charge of José Gauffín and Paula Benavides, respectively.

The deputy governor, Antonio Marocco, took part in the ceremony, which was held in the “Miguel Ragone” venue; the mayor of the city of Salta, Bettina Romero; national and provincial legislators, civil servants, councilors, mandate fulfilled and relatives of incoming councilors.

In this context, the former judge of the Court of Misdemeanors of the Municipality of Salta, Soledad Gramajo, who was elected councilor on August 15, by the United Front for Salta, was sworn in and assumed office.

About the video

Last week, Gramajo was seen in a video that went viral on the social networks, sitting on top of the driver’s lap of a vehicle maneuvering, shifting, and taking control of the steering wheel.

AND According to the audio, the participants in the scene announced that they were going to buy alcohol, and today, minutes before Gramajo was sworn in, the mayor of Salta, Bettina Romero, left the premises of the municipal deliberative body.

Once the session was over, Madile said that, after Gramajo’s assumption as councilor, the body will make up “the discipline and impeachment commission” to act on this fact.

“Based on this conformation, it will be the moment and the appropriate mechanisms for the councilor to exercise her right to defense and to be able to gather and know the facts that are imputed to her,” explained the president of the Corps.

Then, Madile detailed that From there, they will seek “to generate an opinion, so that the councilors can make a decision” in relation to the bank that the new mayor occupies from this Friday.

After the swearing in, the Commissions for Parliamentary Labor and Discipline, Political Trial and Patrimonial Responsibility were formed, which were made up of the presidents of each political bloc.

She was seen in a video that went viral on the networks

Other councilors who took office with her

The councilors who took office this Friday are Alicia Vargas, Madile, Gauffín, Guillermo Kripper, Malvina Gareca, Agustina Álvarez, José García, Paula Benavides, Alberto Salim, Marianela Pérez, Arnaldo Ramos, Eduardo Virgili, Víctor Costanzo, Emilia Orozco, Carolina Am, Inés Bennassar, Ricardo Colque, Pablo López, Gramajo, Laura Jorge Saravia and Ignacio Palarik.

After the video was broadcast, the National Road Safety Agency (Ansv) asked the Provincial Road Safety Agency of Salta to suspend Gramajo’s driver’s license.

In turn, the governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, stated on the occasion that it is “a reprehensible attitude” and regretted “a lot that this is happening.”

However, he clarified that the situation of the councilor by a space of the provincial and municipal government can only be defined by “the body as a whole, which in this case is the Deliberative Council and is sovereign.”

Speaking to the local station FM Aries, Gramajo assured that the video is old and apologized, after which he expressed that it is “a political manipulation.”

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