They recorded a woman lying on the guard of a Quilmes hospital: “It is an inhumane treatment”

A raw image in a San Francisco Solano hospital freezes the blood. A woman, lying on the floor, screams for help. Everything happens in the guard of the Eduardo Oller health center. A user of TN and The People He recorded the scene and how he tried to help her.

In the audio, the man hears the man ask him if he wants him to call someone, while he asks the doctors to attend to him. “It is an inhumane treatment”, you hear him say it on film.

The woman on duty at the hospital waiting to be treated. (Photo: video capture).

In the absence of a response, he himself takes action. “They don’t even give him a ball. Do you have gloves there to pass me, that I’m going to pick her up from this girl?” He asked the health personnel who were at the scene. However, they were denied, in line with the COVID-19 protocol. “He has a fever, I can’t”, they told them. The man insists and rebukes her: “But they can’t leave her lying there. Look how he’s on the floor. “

Following the dissemination of the images, the Secretary of Health of the Municipality of Quilmes, Dr. Jonatan Konfino, denied that the woman has not been treated. And he assured that he fell to the floor because he suffered lipotimia.

The man who recorded it asked for gloves to lift it. (Photo: video capture).
The man who recorded it asked for gloves to lift it. (Photo: video capture).

In dialogue with FAN 103.9, The official explained: “It had been attended in the gynecology guard and subsequently had made an inter-consultation with the adult guard; and in the time that he was moving from one area of ​​the hospital to the other had lipothymia

And he clarified: “It was those two minutes that it took them to go look for her. It was a fainting in the waiting room and she went to attend immediately; in those two minutes that it took someone with bad intention seems to me, recorded the video

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