They extend the payment of a part of the installments

A “deferral” system was published in the Official Gazette, through which the payment of quota increases will be postponed for 12 months

By means of a publication in the Official Gazette, and after a resolution by the General Inspectorate of Justice, it was decided that customers who are paying savings plans for the purchase of 0km cars should benefit from a extension in the payment of a part of the fee.

It is a deferral that enables you to postpone by 12 months the payment that corresponds to the increases that were adjusted between April and September 2019.

The chosen period is because, at that moment, the most abrupt rise in the values ​​of the 0km quotas occurred, due to inflation and the sharp devaluation of the peso.

In this way, the subscribers of certain models, defined between the Government and the automakers, may pay between 10% and 30% less in monthly installments. On the other hand, this will increase the payment term.

Those who seek to be part of this agreement must complete a letter expressing all the indications.

On the one hand, the deferral will apply on aliquot and administrative burden, to all those who had grouped before September 30, 2019 or to those clients who wanted to reactivate the plan whose contracts at the effective date of the indicated resolution and from the April 1, 2018, they are extinguished by resignation, termination or resolution, which must, at the time of their adjudication, cancel the expired debt.

The deferral is foreseen for a maximum of twelve (12) consecutive installments according to the following scheme:

  • ten percent (10%) will be deferred from the last four (4) or less;
  • of the previous four (4) or less, twenty percent (20%);
  • of the first four (4) or less, thirty percent (30%).

The recovery of the deferral will be made by paying up to a maximum of twelve (12) installments once the savings plan has ended, which will be supplementary fees. The amount of none of them may exceed that of one (1) fee (aliquot + administrative charge).

The deferral must be offered as of the effective date of this resolution and be maintained for a term that will expire on August 30, 2020.

No Subscribers who have filed legal cases and obtained precautionary measures with an impact on the payment of their quotas and who remain in such situation at the expiration date of the term to exercise the option provided in the previous article, may opt for this plan.

Once the administrator receives the letter, they must confirm, within 72 hours, the receipt of the option to the email address entered in the form by the subscriber, indicating the group number and order of the subscriber and the amount of fees and deferred percentages.

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