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A Border Health inspector confused the origin of the vessel, assuring that it was from the “Asian continent” and did not apply the protocol

An error by an inspector of the Argentine Border Health Directorate allowed a ship to enter the country from Cape Verde, on the African continent, amid the restrictions imposed on citizens of that region of the planet hit by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

In the last hours it was also known that a passenger, who did not get off the boat, has Covid-19.

As published by the Infobae site, the event occurred last weekend, and allowed the vessel to dock in ports of our country without any type of control nor planned quarantine.

Boluda, this ship comes from Cape Verde, isn’t that in Africa?“, says that media that was part of the dialogue held by two officials of the State body in the middle of the procedure.

One of them claimed that Cape Verde was in Asia, the other tried to correct it. The ship passed.

Although this Monday new restrictions were published in Argentina for people who were in that continent in the last 14 days, border authorities had already received internal indications to tighten controls to postpone the entry of the new strain to the country as long as possible.

What is the ship that entered

This is the passenger ship Hamburg was built in 1997 in Germany.

It has a displacement of 15,000 tons and capacity for more than 400 passengers. It is owned by the shipping group Conti and regularly cruises the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Its crew is 170 sailors.

Last Friday, at 7:30 p.m., he entered the “Benito Quinquela Martín” cruise terminal of the metropolitan port after -as usually happens- the Border Health authorities will grant him the so-called “free talk”, which implies that so many passengers as a crew they can descend to the mainland.

For the granting of such authorization, It is necessary for the captain to inform in advance which were the ports where the ship was moored, the number of passengers and their health status, something that in this case was strictly complied with.

Without objections, the health authority authorized the mooring and the consequent entry and exit of the 300 passengers (mostly German), in addition to the eventual boarding of those who will board the ship at the local port.

An error by an inspector of the Argentine Border Health Directorate allowed a ship to enter the country


Everything went normally until 8:15 on Saturday, when the discussion broke out between the inspector who detected the error with her partner, both members of the office that is responsible for ensuring national health at maritime, air and land borders throughout the country.

Once the failure was discovered, the order came to withdraw the “free talk” from the ship.

“Sirs This ship is in quarantine under the provisions of the National State, no one can go up or down“, it was officially reported.

Simultaneously, Passengers and crew were ordered to confinement in cabins, waiting for the rigorous swabs to be carried out.

There are no certainties about whether some crew members or passengers traveled through the streets of Buenos Aires despite the severe restrictions for travelers from Africa.

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