The use of homemade chinstraps is compulsory in the City

The measure will take effect at zero time on Wednesday, April 15. The protection device must cover the nose, mouth and chin

The Buenosairean government arranged the obligatory use, from next Wednesday, of protection devices that cover “the nose, the mouth and the chin” of the people in the City of Buenos Aires.

The obligation is for when staying inside commercial premises and customer service offices as well as when traveling on board means of transport, in a measure that seeks to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

The decision was adopted tonight during a video conference meeting led by the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, with the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, and the rest of the Cabinet.

The measure will take effect at zero time on Wednesday, April 15 and establishes “the obligatory use of protection elements that cover the nose, mouth and chin to enter or remain in commercial premises, in public service units and in public transportation in the City.”

And it recommends the use of this type of devices “in any other area or place” other than those contemplated in the resolution, for example, public roads.

“We are going to take any measure that we can take to prevent the spread of the virus,” Larreta said during the videoconference, sources from the Buenos Aires government reported to Télam, according to Télam.

The head of government remarked that “two out of three people with coronavirus do not have symptoms, but they still spread. To avoid this, we all have to act as if we have the virus, wearing masks when we leave home. “

On the other hand, the Resolution prohibits “the commercialization, within the City, of the N95 masks to any person who does not prove to be a professional or personal of the health service and to legal persons that are not intended to provide that service “

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